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Everyone's Wearing... Slogan Jewellery!

You've heard of slogan tees but now allow us to introduce you to slogan jewellery (and the slogan necklace to be precise). Not to be confused with the name necklace or initial necklace, the slogan necklace is from an altogether different family of jewels! While the name and initial necklaces are personal, often quite dainty and fairly subtle, its slogan counterpart is bold, loud, powerful and aims to make a statement. First seen on the likes of Lanvin's AW13 catwalk show, this trend has slowly filtered down to the high street and strong messaging through jewellery is now big news. There have been many variations of Lanvin's now infamous words of 'happy', 'cool' and 'help' but you can find lots of other options too. Whether you prefer handwritten scrolls or block capital charms doesn't really matter, the key with this trend is to choose powerful and inspiring words to really give your jewellery the wow factor. So what words or phrases speak to you? What would you choose to dangle around your neck? Although you may already be aware of our bespoke name necklaces at Anna Lou of London, what you perhaps didn't know is that we can create that same design with any word or words of your choice. So if instead of 'Anna' you'd rather have 'Awesome' then that's no problem. We also do the same thing with our name bracelets and our knuckle duster rings and we can even add a hashtag if you want to be really of the moment. If this all sounds a little too in your face for your style then check out our engraved tag necklaces which come with various inspirational words adorned such as 'Dream' 'Happy' and 'Achieve'. If you want something quirky, and more affordable, then peruse the Miss Anna range of slogan necklaces with everything from 'Billionare' to 'Lady' in bright colours. Will you be joining the slogan crew this season?  

Fill your Christmas Stockings!

Yup we are going there again folks, Christmas. But this time it's actually acceptable and we hope you've all at least started thinking about what to buy for who. Today we are on hand to bring you plenty of suggestions for those little things that often get left to the last minute - the stocking fillers! Who doesn't love the one sock wonder that hangs above the mantelpiece? However small or silly the good insides, its a Christmas tradition that is always a joy to behold. So what to include? An orange, a penny farthing? a diamond ring? Whether you go down the extravagant or the cheap and cheerful route, jewellery is guaranteed to produce a smile so we've rounded up our selection of the perfect items to fill your Christmas stockings this year, whether you are looking to splurge or save. Christmas Gifts 1. 9kt Solid Gold Name Necklace - £275 2. Teardrop studs - £40 3. Children Necklace - £75 (engraving available) 4. Infinity Ring - £48 5. Monogram Earrings - £75 6. Love Locket - £108 Christmas Stocking Fillers 1. Penny Necklace - £18 2. Watermelon earrings - £15 3. Crystal Avalanche Hairclip - £18 4. Bunny Kisses Necklace - £17 5. Cat Rings - £20 6. Beautifully Balancing Travel Candle - £14

Get The Look - Kim Kardashian's Name Necklace

Whether you love her or hate her, there is no denying that Kim Kardashian always makes a statement with her fashion choices. There has been a defininite Kim shaped hole in those best dressed/ worst dressed (you decide) lists ever since she went into new baby hibernation and here at Anna Lou HQ we are rather excited to see her back on the fashion scene recently with a new post baby figure, new blonde hairdo and a brand new wardrobe (most of which has already set the fashion critics tongues wagging!).

We were even more excited when we spotted her not once but twice sporting, celeb favourite, a name necklace with little baby North West’s nickname ‘Nori’ adorned around her neck. She joins other celebrities including Miranda Kerr and Nicole Richie in sporting this trend of wearing jewellery to mark the new arrivals in their life. Kim was in Paris with boyfriend Kanye West for Paris Fashion Week and teamed her coveted name necklace with both an all Camel dress and coat look one day and a pink PVC pencil skirt and white tee the next. You can get Lim K’s look with your very own name necklace from Anna Lou of London which can be easily personalised with the name of your own children through our unrivalled bespoke service. Alternatively if you’d rather you can stick with your own name too! Welcome back Kim!

Guest Post: A Transitional Wardrobe by Sherin Malick

This week we have a fab guest post from fashion blogger Sherin Malick, who writes The Hi Fashion Site. Here she discusses how to successfully swap your Summer clothes for Winter and have that elusive transitional wardrobe. While standing in the shade, hiding from the rain last weekend at Somerset House, it was clear to see that our glorious summer was well behind us, with the winter looming nearer. I, for one, am nowhere near ready to give up my pretty dresses and cute sandals, and will be trying to wear them for as long as I can. There are still a few tricks we can use to carry on wearing our favourite Summer pieces and pretend that Winter is not yet here. Those floral and bright dresses are always hard to put away, but with the right layering, you’ll be able to wear them throughout the colder months too. Cute cardigans and bright coats are definitely the way forward. Pull them over your dress while you’re out and about, and you’ll be able to peel off the layers once you’re somewhere warmer, showing off your pretty summer looks. I always find that summer disappears too fast, so it’s nice to be able to keep those summer clothes going for that little bit longer. Finish off with a pair of tights (I always opt for opaque with a fun print) and some cute boots and you’re good to go. Boots are possibly the one thing about the colder weather that I love. I have tons of them, ranging from ankle to knee high and depending on the weather I love wearing them with skirts and dresses throughout the seasons, as they keep my legs nice and warm. I also love accessorising to ensure my looks still have a Summer vibe. I love adding colourful jewels and silver chains to add a bit of bling. Finishing off an outfit with jewellery is always my favourite thing to do, and I love making a statement with my accessories. Stacking bracelets, over-sized rings and fun necklaces, which I can pair with plain tops, are all favourites of mine, each so much fun to wear. Name necklaces, in particular, are everywhere at the moment; definitely perfect for making a statement. So there you have it. Some tips on how to make your Summer favourites work for the colder Autumn months. Enjoy and remember, have fun with your looks and stay warm! This is a guest post written by Sherin Malick.

Everyone’s wearing… Name Necklaces

We have all dreamed of having a ‘Carrie’ moment at some point, whether it be to do with stealing her wardrobe, her job or her men. But we can all agree that the most iconic Carrie item of all was her name necklace. Since that point, the name necklace has become an institution in jewellery design, with everyone from Rihanna to Lea Michelle to Miranda Kerr sporting it. This season in particular we have seen the name necklace rise in the fashion stakes, and now the trend has evolved from not just wearing your own name around your neck but that of your boyfriends, friends or even your children’s. While it may have been coined by Carrie all of those years ago, many others have since tried to put their stamp on the trend from celebrities to fashion bloggers to TV characters. Miranda Kerr is now rarely seen without her Flynn necklace around her neck, the name of her gorgeous boy with Orlando Bloom, while who can forget Glee character Rachael swapping her own name for that of boyfriend Finn in the show. Sienna Miller loves to rock hers as part of her boho fashion style and Ellie Goulding has trademarked the surname necklace trend. It seems for now this trend is here to stay, so why not start naming names! You can design your own name necklace at Anna Lou of London. Personalised Name Necklace

How to Pack for a Summer Holiday...

Packing for your Summer getaway without ending up with a suitcase that weighs a ton can be difficult, especially if you are determined to wear as many of those gorgeous Summer outfits you picked up in the sales as possible. How to Pack rules usually conclude with taking with one key outfit a day which can easily be taken from day to night and loading up on different accessories to keep the looks fresh. But even if you plan your outfits to a tee and are the master of rolling clothes to improve space, inevitably all of those extra accessories you try to pack in at the end are what weighs you down when you get to the check in desk. So how do you ensure that you always have the perfect jewellery to highlight your outfit and all of the accessories you need to create the ultimate effortless beach style without having to pack the entire contents of your jewellery cabinet every time you jet off? Well for your packing pleasure we have devised a handy guide for you jet setters to refer to, which lays out the only three key pieces you will need depending on the type of holiday you are embarking on. Welcome to your new and easy packing agenda … Going on a… BEACH HOLIDAY? cocktail on beach You will need:
  1. A set of Perspex bangles - sand and salt are two words which don’t go well with expensive jewellery. If you are jetting off for a relaxing break and planning to spend your days going from sun lounger to sea back to sun lounger again then don’t risk any jewellery that can a. get eroded by the harmful salts and b. give you dodgy tan lines. All you need to jazz up your bikini and kaftan are some easy to pull on and pull off bangles in a non-sticky, non-eroding material such as a colourful Perspex.
  2. One statement necklace in a bright colour – So after a hard day of sunbathing, you are ready to put something a little more dressy on and show off that gorgeous tan. Well nothing shows off a tan better than a bright colour and one statement piece is all you need to make a simple outfit, evening ready.
  3. A protective headscarf – Your hair needs a lot of protection in the sun and too many products will only weight your suitcase down more so instead take one easy to wear silk scarf to cover up with while at the beach and your locks will still look luscious come evening.
Going on a… CITY BREAK? holiday You will need:
  1. A chic hairband – nothing says city break like a touch of Blair Waldorf class and we all know that long days of sightseeing call for a manageable and low maintenance hairstyle. Pack an easy to wear, yet totally chic hairband in a colour which will go with all of your outfits and you have already updated your comfort first style.
  2. Layering Necklaces – On a city break you may often find you are out all day and night and your outfit therefore has to carry you through. Take a few key pendants which look good both separately and together and layer them up throughout the day to take your day look to evening with ease.
  3. A set of bright stacking bracelets – One set of stacking bracelets won’t take up too much room in your case but will give you plenty of options for style. Depending on your outfit that day pile on either a couple of chic bangles for sophistication or a stack of bright colours for boho fun.
Going on a… ADVENTURE HOLIDAY? frienship bracelets You will need:
  1. Comfortable rope or fabric bracelets – you want to add a little something to your outfit but know that it needs to be something you can get wet/ dirty and not worry about losing so a few festival favourites like rope friendship bracelets or fabric tie bangles are perfect.
  2. A fun hairtie – the chances are your hair will be tied up most days and you won’t be worrying about style but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a bit of colour and fun. Take a few bright coloured hair ties or ones with fun attachments such as flowers or bows and you will still feel feminine amongst the adventure.
  3. A surfer chick anklet – so necklaces just get in the way and bracelets need to be waterproof but the adventure girls must have is the anklet. Easy to wear, doesn’t get in the way and still ensures a bit of jewellery sparkle.

Kissy new name necklaces

Remember those playful  fridge magnets we all know? Well I've created some enamel and 14kt gold plated chain necklaces especially for the adults witha bit of kid in them. They will all be available on Monday to buy exclusively online at for a limited time for £25 each. What do you think?