Everyone’s wearing… Name Necklaces

We have all dreamed of having a ‘Carrie’ moment at some point, whether it be to do with stealing her wardrobe, her job or her men. But we can all agree that the most iconic Carrie item of all was her name necklace. Since that point, the name necklace has become an institution in jewellery design, with everyone from Rihanna to Lea Michelle to Miranda Kerr sporting it. This season in particular we have seen the name necklace rise in the fashion stakes, and now the trend has evolved from not just wearing your own name around your neck but that of your boyfriends, friends or even your children’s. While it may have been coined by Carrie all of those years ago, many others have since tried to put their stamp on the trend from celebrities to fashion bloggers to TV characters. Miranda Kerr is now rarely seen without her Flynn necklace around her neck, the name of her gorgeous boy with Orlando Bloom, while who can forget Glee character Rachael swapping her own name for that of boyfriend Finn in the show. Sienna Miller loves to rock hers as part of her boho fashion style and Ellie Goulding has trademarked the surname necklace trend. It seems for now this trend is here to stay, so why not start naming names! You can design your own name necklace at Anna Lou of London. Personalised Name Necklace