Choosing Men's Winter Wetsuits

If you are looking to buy yourself a wetsuit for the first time then there are a few points that you need to take into consideration before you take the plunge. Buying men's winter wetsuits is all about finding which men's wetsuits make you feel the most comfortable when wearing them. Often one brand of men's wetsuits will be fine for you, whereas another may leave you feeling somewhat uncomfortable, so it is important to try them out before you buy. A comfortable fit is important not just for comfort alone. If you choose a range of men's winter wetsuits that are comfortable to you then the chances are that you have the correct size suit in amongst them already. Making sure that the suit you end up with is the right size will help to not only keep you comfortable but also keep you warm too. Having a suit that fits snugly around the neck, wrists and ankles will help to prevent any cold outer water entering into the inside of the suit. If there are any loose fits in these areas you may experience ‘flushing’. This is where the warmer layer of water that is trapped in between the suit and your body is replaced by the colder surrounding water and is something that should be avoided wherever possible. For added warmth men's winter wetsuits come in a range of thicknesses. Thicknesses that are available include the 4mm wetsuit, 5mm wetsuit and 5/3mm wetsuit. Obviously the thicker the men's wetsuits are, the more insulation that they offer from the cold water. As a general rule of thumb a 4mm wetsuit will be suited to waters in the region of 12° Centigrade (54° Fahrenheit) whereas a 5mm wetsuit can go down to 9° Centigrade (48° Fahrenheit). If you are looking to swim in waters colder than 9° then it is advisable to wear a 5/3mm wetsuit or thicker. Of course, the feeling of warmth can vary greatly and is something of personal preference so these figures should only be treated as a guide. Some may prefer a 5mm wetsuit for 4mm wetsuit conditions where others may wear a 5/3mm wetsuit all of the time, it really is your choice.   Another consideration to make when purchasing men's wetsuits is the heat loss incurred through zips and seams. If either of these areas on the suit are poor quality, or badly designed, then the entire suit may be useless despite the thickness of the neoprene. This heat loss happens in the same way as it does with a loose fitting suit, with cold water flushing out the warm. Simple features such as a slim layer of material behind the zip can help to reduce the amount of water that enters into the suit. Armed with these few basic tips you will not only be able to make a much more informed choice when you buy your suit, you’ll also be able to spend longer in the water once you’ve bought it.
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