Welcome to the Anna Lou Blog...

Hi everyone,
I hope you are having a good start to the year!
Today I would like to announce the arrival of my brand new and super exciting blog! l don?t normally have an explanation for my work besides that it's what was on my mind at the time of creation...the same goes for the blog!

I?d like to write stuff for our readers to read about that is interesting, smart, sassy, and fearless. They?ll be stuff to read about the latest trends, beauty must-haves, cool bars and personalities for right this minute.. not to mention a look inside our busy Soho office! What's more I?ll give you sneak peeks of our very own Spring/Summer 2010 Collection!
If you love my jewellery and enjoy a bit of insider chat my new blog is the essential lunch-break reading over a sandwich and coffee!   

But at the moment, sales are in full force everywhere but I hardly ever get what I want because the items are never up for grabs!  And I really don?t like buying stuff that?s useless just for the sake of it because it?s reduced. So, I?ve made sure that my SALE on at Anna Lou in the shop and online is really stuff worth buying. Some are very new pieces which are being sold at great prices simply because we?re making more room for more new products.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog and keep coming back for more fabulous Anna Lou news, opinions and gossip xxx