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A Friendship Necklace for your Bestie

Recently, supermodel culture has become one of the most talked about things online, ever. Okay, ‘ever’ is a little bit of an exaggeration, but in all seriousness – fashion’s new it girls aren’t in the movies – they’re on the catwalk. Of course if you count Kendall Jenners appearance in ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ a ‘big screen debut’, then that changes things. But, what I was saying was, everyone wants to be a supermodels bestie – GiGi and Bella Hadid’s sidekick or Cara Delevigne’s no.1 girl… #friendshipgoals Another social trend, floating around the internet at the moment, are ship names. A foreign prospect at first – what on earth is ship?! When in doubt, turn to Urban Dictionary. A ship name is “a name given to a ship, or pairing. like a couple name but for fictional characters”. Quite a fun thing to have between besties right? Fashions fave threesome, Kendall, GiGi and Cara have most recently shared their love and got their ship names on a friendship necklace, keeping the girl band alive at all times, at any place. You and your besties get get your own personalised friendship necklace on our website, available in gold, silver and rose gold! And if you’re a threesome like the girls – do what Kendal did and get two! You know how we feel about layering accessories here at Anna Lou of London! Consider it a high end version of a friendship bracelet. You can find our Friendship Necklaces on our website @ Happy Shopping! kendall-jenner-necklace tumblr_inline_ny9lhhPeh61tslwzc_500 4794_2   Shauna Cook (Social Media Intern)

Style Crush: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ has got everyone obsessed, including us! Her newest video gives us a rocker-chick vibe with a side of girl power. It features some of her friends and this year’s hottest girls: Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, and Karlie Kloss, just to name a few. These lovely ladies band together to kick some major butt. They take it back to black and play with fire reds to give an extra oomph of feminist power. Their display of strength has got girls going wild around the world. But this wilder side of T-Swift is relatively new. Let’s not forget she is very young, and most of her career her style of dress was mostly girly. Swift could often be seen in cute sweaters, skater skirts, and her trademark Keds. We all know that she loves cats, and we could always find her wearing something that resembled her favourite furry friends. She accentuated her girly style with adorable headbands and delicate necklaces. Lately, however, her style has morphed from girly to edgy. Of course, we still see some of her sweeter roots, but it seems that as she grows older her style matures. We’re noticing cutouts, short shorts, leather, and a new hairdo. We aren't really seeing girly headbands anymore. Delicate jewellery is still her thing, but it's more trendy than girly. And look! We've spotted her keeping it cool with initial studs just like the ones we have! However, this change doesn’t seem to matter. Her fans are more supportive than ever, and it seems that they like this change. They might even like her new style better than the old. It’s hard for us to decide which Swift we like better, the new or the old? What do you think?

TREND UPDATE: Chunky Chains and Ball Bangles

The transitional period from Winter to Spring is an exciting time for many reasons, predominantly because with our entry into March comes the promise of brighter days and even British Summertime as the clocks change to adapt to all that daylight we're getting. However when it comes to fashion, the transition can be much trickier. Shedding that cosy Winter coat is a risky game, and don't even get us started on the tights/no tights dilemma. The good news is that at least your jewellery can be carried through the seasons, and a couple of carefully chosen pieces can be just the transitional season update you need. Anna Lou's been keeping her eyes peeled to scope out the latest jewellery trends as usual, and two particular styles have really jumped out: chunky chains and ball bangles.   CHUNKY CHAINS Daisy Lowe stormed the LFW catwalk like the pro she truly is, wearing Vivienne Westwood designs and bizarre red face paint (which apparently took ages to remove too!) - leaving us in awe once more. We couldn't help but notice the powerful chunky chain around her neck, a style that was seen throughout Anna Lou's LFW street style journey too. Start with your arm candy - this Anna Lou chain is a great base to stack up unique charms and really express your personality.

Chain bracelet - £35


 In a break from her usual grungy and raunchy style, Rihanna rocked up at Christian Dior's 2015 Cruise Show dressed in ladylike pink, paired with beautiful tumbling curls and classically chic jewellery - and was almost unrecognisable in the process! We couldn't help but lust over her choice of jewellery, stacking curved necklaces and bangles with delicate ball details to add streamlined chic to her look. Better yet, these bangles are identical to Anna Lou's newest drop - except ours feature engraved crowns for that Brit sparkle, obviously.

BANGLES (press).Regal bangles COMING SOON - £55 each

By Charlea Glanville


The glitterati descended upon the red carpet once more last night at last night's Oscars to celebrate film's biggest achievements of the last twelve months - and as per usual, Hollywood's elite females made sure all eyes were firmly fixed on their fabulous outfits. Hemlines were low, and many dresses were billowing and loose in soft, summery colours to nod to the new season and sunnier days ahead.  Unlike other awards ceremonies this season, jewellery took centre stage - with A-lister's opting for bold, statement pieces to add some real drama to their red carpet look. Here's Anna Lou's round-up of the hottest Oscars jewellery, fresh from the paparazzi. 1. STATEMENT EARRINGS oscar earrings Earrings are undoubtedly the easiest way to add some jewellery panache to an evening look, but at this year's Academy Awards the earrings were as statement as the dresses - with teardrop shapes and plenty of glitter being the order of the day. Channel the look without the hefty price tag with some Anna Lou teardrop earrings. Available in a choice of finish, the hammered, textured detail and demure diamond will have you feeling like a red carpet regular in a flash.

Teardrop Stud Earrings - £40


oscar necklaces

Choosing a necklace to team with evening wear can often be a risky game - too big and bold can look OTT with an attention-grabbing dress, but wearing nothing at all can make a simple, coloured dress totally blend into the background. At last night's proceedings, however, Anna Wintour, Margot Robbie, Laura Dern and countless others gave us a masterclass in Pendant Perfection; opting for edgy shapes, chunky chains and long drops as a glamorous accompaniment to their stunning gowns. Be sure to pick a complementary shade to your gown to keep the look streamlined, and keep hair and make up sleek and simple for maximum impact. A classic pendant on a long chain is the perfect way to add some Wintour-esque chic, and Anna Lou's can be engraved with your own initial for that personal touch. Alternatively, opt for stacks of chunky gold coins for extra drama.

Engraved Balance Necklace - £70

Gold Coin Necklace - £125


image1 (1)

The daring and brave Scarlett Johansson and Cate Blanchett brought their necklace A-game last night, in the form of oversized, textured bib necklaces in aquatic hues. Pulling off a bib necklace can be a tricky game at the best of times, but when teamed with evening wear different rules apply. Choose contrasting colours for just the right amount of impact, and keep the outfit simple to really let your jewellery do the talking! Be Cate's copycat and throw on an Anna Lou monochrome bib necklace with your LBD (that's Long Black Dress), and be evening-ready in less than 5 seconds. Bonus points for nodding to the very current 70s trend!

monochrome necklace highres

Monochrome Bib Necklace - £20

By Charlea Glanville


Ariana Grande, born and raised in Florida in 1993, began her career in the Broadway musical 13 before landing a role on the Nickelodeon show Victorious in 2009, and afterwards a spin-off series Sam & Cat. A platform in which her singing career could take off, Ariana Grande since then has two albums which debuted at the number one spot in the Billboard 200. Along with her career, her style is beginning to generate interest within the fashion world. Her signature style of sweetheart necklines, full skirts and floral prints gives a modern twist on the classic trends. Whether she’s walking the red carpet or performing on-stage Ariana’s style is always cute, feminine, flirty and retro. From flirty high-waisted skirts, to sweet sweatshirts to classy dresses, this budding fashion icon knows what she likes and always looks good in it!

Rocking a Monochrome shift dress, she replicates the '60s mod go-go look.

Sweet-heart neckline, full swing dress, floral print. Ariana puts a darker spin on her signature style.

On trend, in this head to toe knit gear, Ariana paired it with a pair of retro boots, staying true to her signature style whilst being on trend.

Cute, fluffy jumper with a bow tied around the neckline. Ariana is certainly the queen of cute and girly when it comes to fashion.

ever after heart necklace

Ever After Silver Heart Necklace available at £43.50

stripy bow hairslide

Acrylic Stripy Bow Hairslide available at £15.00


PS. I Love You Ring available at £30.00

sugar sweet icecream earring

Acrylic Sugar Sweet Ice-cream Earring available at £22.50

What's your favourite look?

By Hyejin Kwon


Kate Moss, an enduring face in the world of fashion, she has graced the catwalk ever since she was discovered in 1988 at the age of 14. A fashion chameleon, a style icon for over three decades Kate Moss constantly influenced the world of fashion and changed it forever. She has defied the rules of fashion and managed to escape being associated with just one era. Inspiring everyone, from high end designers, high street designers and us, she has become a legacy. Her personals style has adorned many fans, and as she once was quoted “I don’t follow a trend, I just have a thrown-together look people can relate too, not too ‘done.’” As proven by her collaboration with Topshop, where she designed her own collection; it sold millions of pounds within the first week. Effortlessly chic, everyone wants her style and everyone wants to know what she is wearing. She has rocked grunge, sophisticated, simplistic, glitzy… you name it, she’s not only modelled it, but owned it. A unique style, not influenced by trend is rare to find and Kate Moss pulls it off so well. 4206  

Engraved Balance Necklace available at £70.00

elastic crown

Crown Hair Elastic available at £18.00

By Hyejin Kwon


Fleur East, if you haven’t heard of her in the past few months, I don’t know where you have been hiding! Initially wowing Simon at the Judges house and moving onto live performances in front of millions of viewers at home, Fleur has captured the hearts of many people with her sassy character and incredible vocals. Although Ben Haenow grabbed the first place spot in the X factor Finals yesterday, not all is lost for Fleur. If the previous X Factor shows are anything to go on, you don’t need to win in order to succeed. As proven by One Direction, Olly Murs and most recently Ella Henderson who have all had chart topping albums after losing out on the finalist crown. Winning doesn’t necessarily mean winning. Although Fleur didn’t actually win X-factor 2014, her confidence, charisma and a-star like performance will carry her onto a bigger and brighter career.

Fleur's outfit always compliments her toned body, in particular her hard rock abs. In these photos she rocks an edgy look, along with her signature name necklace.

You can get the look with our bespoke personalised collection at Anna Lou of London.

gold name necklace

The personalised name necklace comes in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. Available at £52.00 - £62.00.

By Hyejin Kwon


Jennifer Lawrence, took the acting world by storm all thanks to her major role in The Hunger Games. Since then, she has gone on to become one of Hollywood’s top grossing actresses with an Oscar under her belt and a Golden Globe nomination, all at the age of 24. This American sweetheart is a breath of fresh air amongst other Hollywood actors. With an importance on staying grounded and staying true to herself, all the while the world around her is changing and the people she’s surrounded by are far from ordinary. Quirky, bubbly and cheerful she has captured the hearts of many people around the world with many pages, videos and blogs dedicated to her eccentric personality. Along with our love for her sense of humour, we at Anna Lou of London love her sense of style. Constantly changing and refusing to be moulded into anything, she creates a new trend and flaunts a style that is best suited to her rather than following a trend. Jennifer Lawrence style is impeccable on the red carpet and off duty her street style is casual and effortless. The girl-next-door without the airbrushed, stiff air to her, we are truly crushing on Jennifer Lawrence. Here’s a rundown of our favourite red carpet and street style outfits. What’s your favourite?


Anchor Necklace available at £67.50


Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings available at £47.00


Chevron Bangles available at £45.o0

By Hyejin Kwon


Two time winner of Billboard woman of the year 13/14 and named the most powerful woman in U.K media by Media Guardian, Taylor Swift show no signs of stopping. Taking the world by storm, her music is a constant hit; most recently her album ‘1989’ debuted with one million sales and at the time of writing has spent its fifth week at No.1 on Billboard 200. Such immense fame brings media scrutiny, with everyone having their own two cents on Taylor Swift; most notably her love life is splashed across media headlines. Nevertheless, she is the girl of the moment, emerging not only as a popular musician but as a true style icon. At 5 foot 11, Taylor Swift stands taller than average, however unlike the rest, she’s not one to shy away, always seen in a pair of heels, emphasising her physique and long legs. Her look is not complete however without her signature red lip of course.

From glamorous and sexy on the red carpet to glam and girly she nails it every single time.

Her recent performance at Victoria Secret's catwalk display in London cause a media frenzy! Looking no less sexier than the Victoria Angels, Taylor Swift wows the audience in this sexy number.

Polished and put together, her street style is always on point.

To achieve a similar look why not shop some of our jewellery at Anna Lou of London? We've put together a list of similar products that Taylor has been spotted wearing. Hopefully this will be helpful.

love always necklace

 Love Always Necklace available at £75.00

forgetmeknot earrings 3

Forget Me Knot Stud Earrings available at £38.00

hear ring

Rose Gold Initial Heart Ring available at £40.00

By Hyejin Kwon


It’s no secret that celebrities often make quite a sum of money throughout their career, and some like to flaunt it while others prefer to live authentically, trying to impress no one. What do you think about these recent celebrity engagement rings? Too excessive, or right on the money? If one thing is for certain, there’s inspiration enough for everyone here, whether you’re a man looking for beautiful diamond rings for sale, or you’re the hopeful recipient of one. How much is too much? Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring from Prince William Likely the most famous engagement ring in all the land, or at least in Europe –Prince William proposed to Kate with an 18 carat sapphire diamond, which former belonged to the late Princess Diana. Not very many men have come close to a rock this size, although Brad Pitt came feverishly close. Mila Kunis’ Engagement Ring from Ashton Kutcher In February 2014, Ashton Kutcher popped the question to former That 70’s Show co-star Mila Kunis. Ashton produced a 5 carat $260,000 round cut solitaire diamond on a platinum band. A modern take on a classic look, and still subtle enough to not be gaudy. (Or Gotti, either). Jennifer Anniston’s Engagement Ring from Justin Theroux Weighing in at 8 carat and carrying a cost of approximately $500,000, this chunky emerald cut solitaire ring is as monstrous as it is elaborate. Absolutely riveting, but perhaps too much size for the squeamish. Behati Prinsloo’s Engagement Ring from Adam Levine The happy couple married in July of this year, however one year prior, Adam presented Behati with a classically vintage 1930’s-era round cut diamond engagement ring. Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring from Kanye West Kanye proposed to Kim with an offer she couldn’t refuse; an $8 million dollar 15 carat Lorraine Swartz diamond chunk. The ring has gone down in history as one of Elle Magazine’s Top 25 Celebrity Engagement Rings. Jennifer Garner’s Engagement Ring from Ben Affleck Although Ben Affleck may be the worst actor to play Batman since Val Kilmer, that didn’t stop Jennifer Garner for marrying him. Ben proposed to Jennifer with an ornate 4.5 carat diamond. Bruce Wayne could have done better. Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring from Brad Pitt After holding out for 7 years, the 7 Years in Tibet star Brad Pitt finally proposed to Angelina and made every minute worthwhile by offering her a ring fit for royalty; a 16 carat custom designed diamond ring by Robert Procop. Wow. Jessica Biel’s Engagement Ring from Justin Timberlake As in usual Timberlake form, Justin’s offering was all class; a design inspired by vintage jewellery. Jessica accepted his wedding proposal and took home a 6 carat diamond. Mariah Carey’s Engagement Ring from Nick Cannon Another whopper of a rock was presented to Mariah by her now husband, Nick Cannon. The square cut diamond ring weighed in heavily at 17 carat and was estimated to be valued at $2.5 million dollars. Alexis Biedel’s Engagement Ring from Vincent Kartheiser When the Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser proposed to on-screen sweetheart Alexis Biedel, he presented her with a diamond ring inspired by vintage designs. According to Brides Magazine, he also practised his proposal to fellow cast mates. Olivia Wilde’s Engagement Ring from Jason Sudeikis The Saturday Night Live star presented his down to earth beauty a round cut diamond surrounded with emerald coloured diamonds on a yellow gold band. No mention of carat or value, but the completely unique look to this ring shows it was carefully picked to suit its wearer. Halle Berry’s Engagement Ring from Olivier Martinez Resting on a rustic, hand-forged yellow gold band, Halle’s 4 carat knock-out ring is as gorgeous as it is creatively unique. According to media reports, the ring also possesses inscriptions only its wearer will understand. Cute! Salma Hayek’s Engagement Ring from Francois Henri Pinault The beautiful star who played Frieda Kahlo was presented with a gorgeous 5 carat oval cut diamond ring, with diamonds from side to side. Emily Blunt’s Engagement Ring from John Krasinski Set in platinum, the 3 carat round cut diamond stunner John proposed to Emily with is thoughtfully encrusted with diamond baguettes and resting on a pave diamond wedding band. And suddenly I’m hungry. Beyonce Knowles’ Engagement Ring from Jay-Z Jay-Z delivered an 18 carat diamond engagement ring fit for a princess in his proposal to Beyonce, and it’s absolutely massive. In the beginning there was a little confusion, because it looks more like (an) IceCube. Pun! Paris Hilton’s (Failed) Engagement Ring from Paris Latsis We can’t hold back on this one. When the Paris’ got engaged and Paris Hilton started walking around with this nasty glacier on her bony little hands, we learned that it weighed in at 24 carats. It looked much like a ring pop. Catherine Zeta Jones’ Engagement Ring from Michael Douglas When Michael Douglas proposed to Catherine he wooed her with a 10 carat marquis rock by Fred Leighton (so much for it being special, Christina Millian). The rock was so big that Catherine joked about her bicep growing due to the weight of it.