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There’s a reason why you’re likely to feel the post-Christmas blues in February. The weather usually reaches its most freezing lows; monotonous daily routine is finally called back into service; you’re feeling disheartened after breaking almost all of your New Year’s resolutions already; and, of course, January sales are well and truly over (sniff). All of this can leave you feeling a little down in the dumps, and frankly we’re not surprised – but that doesn’t mean you should put up with it. It’s time to get proactive, re-energize and start to feel the motivation with some of Anna Lou’s top tips:
  1. There is nothing more soothing than shutting yourself off from the world and spending half an hour soaking in a hot bubble bath (trust us). Simply add your favourite fragranced bath salts and feel brand new in no time at all.
  2. A cup of tea and slice of cake may be an old-fashioned British pick-me-up, but it’s definitely one that still works. Anna Lou recommends English Breakfast Tea and classic Victoria Sponge for a sugar-coated hit of happy.
  3. Reading inspirational messages and quotes can often help to put things into perspective, and Anna Lou’s inspirational jewellery combines beautiful words with stunning jewellery for a piece that will bring joy in every wear. Each symbol represents something different: the Hamsa hand symbolises protection; the rabbit symbolises luck; the star represents ambition; and the heart everlasting love – so each piece will inspire you in different ways. Choose from a variety of pieces in your choice of finish, each engraved with beautiful words for instant motivation. Well done, you've almost made it through February - it's time to treat yourself!

Gold Hamsa Hand necklace - £56.50

Silver Lucky Rabbit necklace - £36.50

Rose Gold Ever After stud earrings - £64

Gold Shooting Star necklace - £56.50

By Charlea Glanville


Book the appointment for that feather cut, order those flares and dig out your lava lamp: it’s time to channel your inner Farrah Fawcett and time hop back to the 1970s. In an era totally focussed on peace and love, the female wardrobe reflected Britain’s newly-acquired laid back attitude. It-girls would opt for comfortable-yet-chic bell bottoms, floppy Fedora hats, midi dresses and Birkenstocks, to achieve an undone, naturally beautiful look. By night 70s disco rules applied - with mini skirts in vibrant patterns, giant statement jewellery, and knee high boots. Fast-forward 40 years, and the 70s trend is back for good – and I’ll bet you’ve seen at least one Fedora hat so far today. The S/S ’15 catwalks were completely awash with bell bottoms in almost every colour, pattern, style and cut imaginable to provide a modern, fresh take on the much loved trend, and textured knee high boots have dominated the legs of every Brit girl in the fashion know. But why stop just with your wardrobe? 70s accessories appeal to everything that Anna Lou herself adores. Think oversized, chunky, colourful pieces that are often embellished with glittering jewels. In other words, Anna Lou + 70s style = a match made in fashion heaven. Dip a toe into the 70s accessories trend by stacking a few colours of the Chevron bangle for Instagram-worthy arm candy, or give your outfit a cheeky accent with the colour-popping Daisy Resin Earrings. Or go all out and make Anna Lou proud with a statement acrylic bib necklace. Fit for a true 70s disco diva, this unique and eye-catching necklace will bring that mini skirt and boots to life and have you Queen of the dancefloor in no time. Groovy baby! And if you needed even more persuasion, Anna Lou's sending peace n' love with 50% off all 70s jewellery for a limited time only.

Chevron bangles - £22.50 each

Daisy earrings - £7.50

Bib necklace - £22.50

By Charlea Glanville

Radiant Orchid - How to Wear the Colour of the Year

Every year colour experts, Pantone, announce an official colour of the year. The decision is made through a variety of measures by a worldwide team of representatives from colour standards groups, and can depend on all sorts of influences such as trends, economy and the overall zeitgeist of the time. For example when the colour Honeysuckle was declared as the colour of 2011 it was stated as so because; "In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to ward off the blues.". The colour is decided upon almost a year in advance and then distributed throughout so you can often expect a peak of the colours use in floral, fashion and consumer trends. 2014's shade has been declared as Radiant Orchid, a sweet and punchy light purple hue. We're pretty sure this colour will be whinging its way onto the high street and into your wardrobes before long so we thought we'd put together some ideas on how to wear the colour of the year. street style inspiration of colour purpleAs you can see from the above inspiration, there is plenty of ways to introduce this colour into your wardrobe from girly skirts to statement coats and shoes. But of course as per usual we are most excited about the accessories (well c'mon it is the best way to inject colour into your outfits no?) This purple colour works perfectly in the shape of a statement necklace against a crisp white shirt and looks great tied into hair of all shades. It may just be one of the easiest colours of the year to pull off. Radiant OrchidHere's our top picks... 1. Double heart hairclip 2. Miss Anna star crystal hair clip 3. Crystal acrylic earrings 4. Beetlejuice Acrylic necklace 5. Purple Haze Luxe necklace 6. Purple emperor rose earrings 7. Miss Anna strawberry hairband 8. Miss Anna crystal bow hairslide 9. Penny strawberry pendant What do you think of the colour of the year? How will you be wearing it this season? Tweet us @annalouoflondon or leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

Everyone's Wearing... Ear Cuffs!

The trend for ear cuffs has come and gone over the last year without really making too much of a splash. After last year's Punk inspired Met Ball where Sienna Miller and Cara Delevigne were both seen adorning ear jewels of the edgy and spiky variety, there were ripples to suggest that this might be a trend about to blow up. But alas, apart from within the true punk scene, so far the ear cuff hasn't really taken off in mainstream fashion. Celebrities wearing ear ciffs Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Cara Delvigne at the Met Ball 2013. Image sources here. But after seeing a few of the, shall we say, less risque celebrities donning some upper ear bling on the red carpet lately, we are here to ask; Could 2014 be the year of the ear cuff? This year's revival already seems a little different however. Instead of being an accessory to toughen up your leather jacket and give off a 'don't mess with me' vibe, the ear cuff now seems to be taking a much more sophisticated route, being worn alongside chic up-do's, evening gowns and flawless make up. Celebrity Ear Cuff trend From L-R: Emma Watson, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Lara Bingle and Sarah Hyland. Images sources here. First spotted on our favourite quintessential English rose, Emma Watson, who is normally known for her demure red carpet style, her cuff of choice was adorned with tiny swarovski crystals proving this accessory needn't be pigeon holed. This statement was followed swiftly by Miranda Kerr, who donned her cute as a button cuff with an oh so casual outfit, Jennifer Lawrence who wore a beautiful sparkling number at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere, Jessica Alba who chose a sophisticated snaking number and most recently with Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland choosing to compliment her chic up-do with a blingtastic cuff at The Grammy's this week. Yup, you heard it here first. It looks like the ear cuff is re-appearing in a much more glamourous form, and this time it might just be here to stay. What do you think of the ear cuff trend and how would you wear it? Tweet us @annalouoflondon, send us a pic of yours on Instagram or leave us a comment on Facebook.

Guest Post: A Transitional Wardrobe by Sherin Malick

This week we have a fab guest post from fashion blogger Sherin Malick, who writes The Hi Fashion Site. Here she discusses how to successfully swap your Summer clothes for Winter and have that elusive transitional wardrobe. While standing in the shade, hiding from the rain last weekend at Somerset House, it was clear to see that our glorious summer was well behind us, with the winter looming nearer. I, for one, am nowhere near ready to give up my pretty dresses and cute sandals, and will be trying to wear them for as long as I can. There are still a few tricks we can use to carry on wearing our favourite Summer pieces and pretend that Winter is not yet here. Those floral and bright dresses are always hard to put away, but with the right layering, you’ll be able to wear them throughout the colder months too. Cute cardigans and bright coats are definitely the way forward. Pull them over your dress while you’re out and about, and you’ll be able to peel off the layers once you’re somewhere warmer, showing off your pretty summer looks. I always find that summer disappears too fast, so it’s nice to be able to keep those summer clothes going for that little bit longer. Finish off with a pair of tights (I always opt for opaque with a fun print) and some cute boots and you’re good to go. Boots are possibly the one thing about the colder weather that I love. I have tons of them, ranging from ankle to knee high and depending on the weather I love wearing them with skirts and dresses throughout the seasons, as they keep my legs nice and warm. I also love accessorising to ensure my looks still have a Summer vibe. I love adding colourful jewels and silver chains to add a bit of bling. Finishing off an outfit with jewellery is always my favourite thing to do, and I love making a statement with my accessories. Stacking bracelets, over-sized rings and fun necklaces, which I can pair with plain tops, are all favourites of mine, each so much fun to wear. Name necklaces, in particular, are everywhere at the moment; definitely perfect for making a statement. So there you have it. Some tips on how to make your Summer favourites work for the colder Autumn months. Enjoy and remember, have fun with your looks and stay warm! This is a guest post written by Sherin Malick.