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Happy 2014 - New Season Arrivals!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a fantastic time celebrating and are ready to kick start 2014 in the best possible way! Here at Anna Lou of London we certainly are, and already have plenty of treats to help you see in the new year in style! First up is of course our sale, to which we have added new lines in time for January, offering the serious bargain hunters lots of choice. Secondly we're giving you the chance to shop some of your favourite pieces from 2013 with 50% off our bestselling items for a limited period only, so don't let your faves get away. Lastly and perhaps most excitingly, we have launched a whole host of new season arrivals this week! Yes that's right, brand spanking new, never been seen before, 2014 products are now available on the site and we've got some goodies we know you are going to love! Here's our top picks; new season arrivals1. Jade Necklace - £55 - After the success of our Jade bracelet last season (a favourite within our Luxe range) we've adapted the design to create a necklace with the same jewels and colours! We think it's a great day necklace to wear over a crisp white shirt - what do you think? 2. Name Bar Necklace - £80 - You've seen the name necklace and you've seen the bar necklace but let us introduce you to our latest in personalised style, the name bar necklace. Choose two names or words up to 9 letters long and see them engraved on this chic pendant along with a special freshwater pearl. Perfect new year gift! 3. Monogram signet ring - £75 - Monogramming is still big news for 2014 so we've adapted our popular monogram ring to offer an alternative style, the signet. If you love bold rings then engrave your initials into a monogram on this solid sterling silver number. 4. Miss Anna Surprise Cherry Cuff - £25 - Another addition to our fun Miss Anna range, available in either red  or black and made from easy to wear perspex, ideal for the younger jewellery fans. 5. Alphabet stud earrings - £45 - Remember this recent post on how to wear the alphabet? Well you may remember us mentioning a certain Anna Della Russo and her initial earrings. You too can now personalise your jewellery in  a new way with our initial studs. 6. Initial Crystal Disc Necklace - £58 - Our disc pendants were so popular last year that we've created a new line of them for this season, complete with initial engraving and crystal charms. 7. Chevron Earrings - £18 - Chic, statement, monochrome - some things never go out of fashion and you can't go wrong with these monochrome drop earrings which will literally go with everything in your wardrobe. What do you think of our new season pieces? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Tweet us @annalouoflondon, Follow us on Facebook here or catch us on instagram here.  

Three Ways to Wear - The Alphabet!

Last week we discussed slogan jewellery but this week we are looking at a more personal trend – wearing the alphabet! Nowadays there are lots of different ways to add the personal touch to your jewellery but one of our favourites remains adorning your jewellery with the simple initial. More subtle than the name necklace, initialled or monogrammed pieces can give your outfits an injection of your personality without giving too much away. There are many options from the initial necklace to stamping them on the front of your favourite leather purse but we’ve put together our top three ways to wear the alphabet this Autumn Winter…
  1. Monogram it – Monogram initialing is a huge trend at the moment and in much part because it’s the less obvious form of personalisation. A monogram can look arty, creative and unusual and not like the regular initial stamp. Put your stamp in a bright colour on a leather cuff or simple bracelet.
  2. Initial It – For the more classic option, add your initial to a pair of simple gold earrings or long pendant a la Anna Della Russo.
  3. Spell it – similar to those slogan jewels we spoke about last week, adding multiple initials to a charm bracelet can be a great fun way to add personality. Spell out a word that means something to you, and once you’ve collected a few charms you can switch the words up daily to keep everyone guessing!
Do you have a favourite type of personalised jewellery? How would you wear yours? You can shop all of the Anna Lou of London alphabet jewellery here.

Monogram Jewellery - Put your Stamp on it...

Monogram jewellery is big news at the moment, it seems everyone wants to add that personal touch to their fashions. Whether through bags, clothing or jewellery, putting your own stamp on items, quite literally, is the best way to make things personal. Personalised luggage a la Louis Vuitton has been popular for years, meaning discerning travelers never have trouble finding their luggage at the other end. In recent years initial stamps and monograms  have appeared on more accessories such as Alphabet Bag's initials totes and purses and Cambridge Satchels stamped bags. But for the easiest (and in our opinion the chicest) way to do the monogram trend, choose jewellery. There are plenty of options for personalising your jewellery but monogramming offers a subtle approach that looks both sophisticated and on trend. Choose from pieces such as our timeless solid gold monogram necklace (the perfect Christmas gift for someone special), our leather cuffs in a variety of colours (that bright orange is so on trend) or the chic monogram rings. Traditionally the monogram would be structured with the surname initial in the centre with the first name initial to the left and middle name initial to the left, however nowadays the choice is yours and plenty of people choose initials from nicknames or those which mean something to them. You can design your own monogram piece at our DIY jewellery event so if you haven't booked your place yet, do so here.

Oh how Pinteresting…

Here at Anna Lou of London HQ we love a touch of pinning. Pinterest is not only a great place to store inspiration for current and future collections but also great for helping to work out colour palettes and get feedback on new items. As a jewellery label we love keeping up to date with jewellery trends and seeing how the fashion elite are wearing their pieces. Pinterest helps us compile collections of who’s wearing what and where. If you want to follow us on Pinterest, you can do so here. Right now we are in the midst of designing pieces for both a new luxury line of statement jewellery and a younger offering called Miss Anna, both of which you can see a little sneak peek of through our boards and also keep an eye out for our new festival inspired campaign images modelled by the lovely Olivia Purvis. You can also see brand new pieces coming soon to the website such as our solid gold monogram necklaces which are landing this week! As well as that we pin everything from packaging design ideas to tasty food and gorgeous prints so take a look and start sharing with us. Pinterest collage      

The arrival of Royal Baby George!

It seems as if the nation has been waiting with bated breath for an eternity in anticipation of the arrival of the royal baby and finally the time has come and little baby Prince George is with us safe and well. A big congrats to Will & Kate on the birth of their first child, which is an exciting time for any couple, we can’t wait to see what a handsome Prince, George will grow into. While Kate was the subject of many a maternity style column, we are sure that George will now also feature highly in any baby name ranks and childrenswear inspiration and here at Anna Lou of London we can’t help but join in the fun. All this talk of babies has got us thinking about the perfect Christening gifts and what to buy for both mother and baby during this special time. Traditionally giving a christening or baptism gift was a way of wishing a child a good start in life so people would offer a small monetary gift or a present of value in order to invest in a child’s future. During the Tudor era, the idea of silver was introduced and it became customary to give a child a silver apostle spoon, which is where the term ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ was first derived. By the Victorian era, presents had varied slightly but were still supposed to show value and investment so by then the tradition of Sterling Silver presents had evolved. Nowadays things have changed a little and people tend to give meaningful gifts which a child can keep forever or more practical gifts which parents may enjoy but the old tradition of sterling silver is still very much in favour. And why not? A sterling Silver gift needn't be overly expensive but shows meaning to the family and is something which can be treasured and won’t date as the child grows up. It may not be customary but we think it’s also a rather nice touch getting a little something for Mum at the same time, seeing as she has done all of the hard work! So why not consider matching sterling silver charm gifts for both mum and baby. At Anna Lou of London we have a huge selection of christening gift options which can be personalised with names or dates, necklaces for mum which can be adorned with baby’s initials or matching charms for both which can be added to any number of chains, necklaces or bracelets. So if you are celebrating, like Will and Kate, the arrival of a newborn in the family, why not wish them a good start and invest in their future with a traditional Sterling Silver gift?