The arrival of Royal Baby George!

It seems as if the nation has been waiting with bated breath for an eternity in anticipation of the arrival of the royal baby and finally the time has come and little baby Prince George is with us safe and well. A big congrats to Will & Kate on the birth of their first child, which is an exciting time for any couple, we can’t wait to see what a handsome Prince, George will grow into. While Kate was the subject of many a maternity style column, we are sure that George will now also feature highly in any baby name ranks and childrenswear inspiration and here at Anna Lou of London we can’t help but join in the fun. All this talk of babies has got us thinking about the perfect Christening gifts and what to buy for both mother and baby during this special time. Traditionally giving a christening or baptism gift was a way of wishing a child a good start in life so people would offer a small monetary gift or a present of value in order to invest in a child’s future. During the Tudor era, the idea of silver was introduced and it became customary to give a child a silver apostle spoon, which is where the term ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ was first derived. By the Victorian era, presents had varied slightly but were still supposed to show value and investment so by then the tradition of Sterling Silver presents had evolved. Nowadays things have changed a little and people tend to give meaningful gifts which a child can keep forever or more practical gifts which parents may enjoy but the old tradition of sterling silver is still very much in favour. And why not? A sterling Silver gift needn't be overly expensive but shows meaning to the family and is something which can be treasured and won’t date as the child grows up. It may not be customary but we think it’s also a rather nice touch getting a little something for Mum at the same time, seeing as she has done all of the hard work! So why not consider matching sterling silver charm gifts for both mum and baby. At Anna Lou of London we have a huge selection of christening gift options which can be personalised with names or dates, necklaces for mum which can be adorned with baby’s initials or matching charms for both which can be added to any number of chains, necklaces or bracelets. So if you are celebrating, like Will and Kate, the arrival of a newborn in the family, why not wish them a good start and invest in their future with a traditional Sterling Silver gift?