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Choose It, Style It, Shoot It... Achieve Necklace by Chopstick Panorama

This week as part of our 'choose it, style it, shoot it' feature we've teamed up with another of our blogger ambassadors, the lovely Van who runs the fashion and style blog, Chopstick Panorama. We're forever in awe of her amazing effortless style and we LOVE how she wears our jewellery! Here she shows us the one piece of jewellery that's giving her true motivation at the moment, and how she is wearing it for Spring. The Achieve Necklace by Chopstick Panorama Achieve Tag NecklaceAchieve Necklace"My style changes as much as the weather does in London. So I chose the Achieve Tag Necklace exactly for that reason: I wanted something that I can incorporate in the variety of my outfits.And the word “Achieve” is so good to get me motivated throughout the day!" Achieve NecklaceAchieve Necklace"It’s so easy to style the tag necklace, since it goes with simply everything I wear. Especially for such a simple outfit, it adds a little bit of glamour." Achieve Necklace"Once Summer hits and all the Festivals start, it will be such a good piece for layering as well, making any festival outfit much more fun and exciting." What do you think of How Van has styled the tag necklace? Would you wear it differently? Let us know by tweeting us @annalouoflondon or following us on Facebook. See the full blog post here. All images courtesy of Chopstick Panorama and big thanks to Van for the interview.

Choose it, Style It, Shoot It... The Tag Necklace by Stylonylon

Hello and welcome to a fun new weekly feature on the ALOL blog. As you may be aware we've been teaming up with some fab fashion bloggers of late to showcase our new collection and they've been busy styling up our pieces in their own unique way. To give you plenty of ideas on how to wear our jewellery, we're going to be challenging our bloggers to choose, style and shoot a different piece of jewellery each and then publishing the results here on a weekly basis! First up, we're chatting to one of our blogger ambassadors, the lovely Julia from Stylonylon as she shows us how she's been wearing her new personalised tag necklace. Julia from Stylonylon wears the tag necklace"I chose a rose gold tag necklace which I had personalised with my blog name. I'm obsessed with rose gold and am slowly building a small collection of favourite pieces. This is the first time I had a personalised piece of jewellery and I'm loving it. It's also so handy for showing people how my blog name is spelt!" Julia fashion blogger wearing jewellery"At the moment, I am wearing my new necklace over jumpers. I'm going for lighter, spring colours like oranges and pinks, but it also looks brilliant on black and dark blue. It's really eye-catching and people always comment on it." Julia Rebaudo OutfitFashion Blogger Stylonylon wears Tag Necklace"I'm really looking forward to exploring pleats this summer. Not just on skirts, but on shirts too. I like the idea of pairing something so detailed such as this necklace, with a pair of ripped jeans and trainers!" Well we can't wait to see that look either! To see more of Julia's style, follow her blog and stay tuned to peek into another blogger's wardrobe next week! All images from Stylonylon and thanks to Julia for the interview.

2013 Brand Highlights!

Can you believe 2013 is almost at an end? It's been a crazy but great year for the Anna Lou brand and although we are sad to see it go, we're all looking forward to whatever 2014 will bring! As a little farewell to this year and to thank all of our customers for their support over the past 365 days we've brought back some of our most loved pieces to the site and are offering you the chance to shop our bestsellers at reduced prices today. So if there was ever a jewellery item that passed you by earlier in the year, then this is your chance to grab it before it's gone! For your viewing pleasure we've also collated some of our 2013 brand highlights into a fun montage as a little reminder of all that the brand has achieved this past year! So without further ado, these were our 2013 moments (and please do share yours too!)... 2013 brand highlights January - We shoot our new look book and team up with the lovely Olivia Purvis as she becomes our 2013 brand ambassador. February - We launch our products in House of Fraser stores across the country. March - The ALOL brand goes global as we visit Tokyo for the first time! April - Anna Lou of London takes part in Jewellery Week and  we show our collections to a whole new set of jewellery lovers. May - The now much loved social tag necklaces launch online for the first time! June - We host our first blogger event and have a ball doing it too, with our 'Anna Lou gets personal' evening! July - Our bespoke 'design your own' service gets bigger and better than ever! August - We launch our new evening wear Luxe collection to much acclaim and our new fashion blog is born! September - We hit LFW and take part in the Handpicked Media suite with our new collection. October - It's Tokyo take two and the launch of our new younger collection - Miss Anna! November - Anna Lou of London products make up the goody bags at the Cosmo Blog Awards and we see our girl Liv Purvis take home the prize of best fashion blogger! December - Ahead of Christmas we launch our collection in Selfridges and host our very own design your own jewellery events! What a year! Do tell us what your highlights have been in 2013! We hope you all have a fantastic New Years Eve and celebrate in style - Here's to 2014 and all it brings!

Three Ways to Wear - The Alphabet!

Last week we discussed slogan jewellery but this week we are looking at a more personal trend – wearing the alphabet! Nowadays there are lots of different ways to add the personal touch to your jewellery but one of our favourites remains adorning your jewellery with the simple initial. More subtle than the name necklace, initialled or monogrammed pieces can give your outfits an injection of your personality without giving too much away. There are many options from the initial necklace to stamping them on the front of your favourite leather purse but we’ve put together our top three ways to wear the alphabet this Autumn Winter…
  1. Monogram it – Monogram initialing is a huge trend at the moment and in much part because it’s the less obvious form of personalisation. A monogram can look arty, creative and unusual and not like the regular initial stamp. Put your stamp in a bright colour on a leather cuff or simple bracelet.
  2. Initial It – For the more classic option, add your initial to a pair of simple gold earrings or long pendant a la Anna Della Russo.
  3. Spell it – similar to those slogan jewels we spoke about last week, adding multiple initials to a charm bracelet can be a great fun way to add personality. Spell out a word that means something to you, and once you’ve collected a few charms you can switch the words up daily to keep everyone guessing!
Do you have a favourite type of personalised jewellery? How would you wear yours? You can shop all of the Anna Lou of London alphabet jewellery here.

Last Chance to Order Bespoke before Christmas!

This weekend is your last chance to order your personalised or bespoke pieces and guarantee Christmas delivery!! Yes it may only be the 7th December but remember that it can take up to two weeks to create your bespoke masterpieces, engrave those messages, add on those special dates, make sure the chain length is correct, get the font you've requested, you get the idea right? We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service that really caters to what YOU want and like to make sure we get all of the little details perfect for you to ensure you get an item/ gift you are truly happy with and want to treasure. But of course all of that care and attention requires a little time so if you are thinking of getting your other half/ best friend/ mum or yourself something unique and personal this Christmas then don't take any chances and get your order in by the end of day tomorrow. We can then work like super troopers to ensure it gets to you in time for Christmas and you don't have any disappointment when the presents under the tree get unwrapped on Christmas Day! For all of your other orders you have until the 13th but for bespoke items your last day to order is the Sunday the 8th! Email us today with your specifications or order straight from the site!

Gift Ideas – Engrave your jewellery for Christmas!

There is now less than two weeks left to order bespoke items on our site in time for Christmas delivery so we thought it would be the perfect time to give you a few gift ideas and some tips on how to engrave your jewellery this Christmas! While jewellery is always a wonderful gift, personalised jewellery is even better. Showing someone you care with a unique message, favourite date or just remembering that silly nickname they had as a kid – what could be more special? Husbands/ boyfriends/ partners take note – we promise she won’t be disappointed if you not only buy that piece of jewellery she has been hinting at for weeks, but also go to the trouble of engraving it too! You are on to a winner! So how do you choose your message for engraving? Seeing as at Anna Lou of London we have been creating bespoke jewellery for a good few years we’ve seen it all so these are a few suggestions for how to choose your message.
  1. The Nickname – Ok so this can be a little risky as if it’s a nickname they merely tolerate but aren’t entirely happy with will they want it forever engraved on their beloved piece of jewellery? Our vote is to go for something playful, an endearing name you’ve coined that always raises a smile, rather than a childhood nickname they may have hated.
  2. The Memorable Date – engraving a date can be a great way to commemorate a special moment and the best part is that it’s a private message between the two of you. While the wearer will always feel the connotations of that day when wearing the jewellery, to the outside world it’s still a mystery. Choose anything from wedding days to children’s birthdays to the day you first met!
  3. The meaningful message – everyone has a phrase or saying that means something to them. Whether its a well known speech by one of the worlds greats or a quote from a Disney film doesn’t really matter, if it’s special then it’s worth it.
  4. None of the above – of course you don’t have to follow our suggestions at all, we’ve engraved everything from pets names to favourite tweets to song lyrics in the past so even if it’s quirky, ridiculous or both, get in touch and we’ll be happy to oblige!
Order your bespoke piece online and choose from our existing range of engravings here or simply email with your request and we will do our best to meet your requirements! Don’t forget get your orders in before the 13th December for Christmas delivery!

Ask Anna - Jewellery Styling Tips #1

Over the next four weeks, Anna will be sharing some of her top jewellery styling tips by answering the questions asked by you! We took to the Twitter-sphere and asked you, our fans and customers, to send in your questions on anything from design, to style advice to crazy jewellery myths that needed debunking with the promise that Anna would deliver her expert opinion. And boy did you answer our call, over the next month we will be sharing our favourite questions along with Anna's top tips and advice. First up this week, Anna talks oversized jewels and how to overcome the fear of big seeming too big. ASK ANNA Q) I’m scared of wearing big jewellery. What do you suggest I do get over that? ANNA'S A) Big jewellery can be scary. It's bold, suggests 'look at me' and can seem overpowering at times. But it can also make a great statement and it all depends on how you wear it. Try a chunky, bright, abstract, 3-D design in your favourite colour to compliment a simple outfit. Down playing the rest of your style is really key here, you need to let the statement piece do the talking so if you do wear other jewellery make sure it compliments your large item. Wear with a simple t-shirt and jeans or a classic LBD and don't only save bold necklaces for evening or party wear, show them off day-to-day too. Your outfit should be comfortable and simple, but the necklace will help to dress it up and draw attention to your excellent style! Try these few pieces to get the look, and I'm sure before you know it you will be embracing the mantra; 'the bigger the better'. Do you have a burning question about jewellery design? Need some style advice ahead of the party season? Anna can help, email her at or tweet us using the hashtag #askanna We will be back next Saturday with the next style question.

Event: DIY jewellery design evening at Selfridges!

We had such a great time on Friday for the first of three DIY jewellery design evening we are hosting at Selfridges. Thanks so much to all who came along to see the collections and join in the fun. If you missed the first one do not fear as we have another event this Wednesday 13th from 6pm - 9pm and again on the 22nd! We will be on hand to offer more design advice and answer questions as you get stuck in creating your very own piece of bespoke jewellery! You can book your place here and the best part is it's totally free! Part of the Selfridges Gift shop, the department store has transformed its 4th floor into the perfect place to start your Christmas shopping full of unusual gift ideas and perfect presents. Shop our AW13 range from now all the way up until December 24th in store and even if you can't make the events you can still get a bespoke order in. Email anna@annalouoflondon with your request and we will be happy to oblige! P.S only 4 weeks left to order your bespoke items to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas - eek! Choose your coveted item here and start leaving those hints!

Monogram Jewellery - Put your Stamp on it...

Monogram jewellery is big news at the moment, it seems everyone wants to add that personal touch to their fashions. Whether through bags, clothing or jewellery, putting your own stamp on items, quite literally, is the best way to make things personal. Personalised luggage a la Louis Vuitton has been popular for years, meaning discerning travelers never have trouble finding their luggage at the other end. In recent years initial stamps and monograms  have appeared on more accessories such as Alphabet Bag's initials totes and purses and Cambridge Satchels stamped bags. But for the easiest (and in our opinion the chicest) way to do the monogram trend, choose jewellery. There are plenty of options for personalising your jewellery but monogramming offers a subtle approach that looks both sophisticated and on trend. Choose from pieces such as our timeless solid gold monogram necklace (the perfect Christmas gift for someone special), our leather cuffs in a variety of colours (that bright orange is so on trend) or the chic monogram rings. Traditionally the monogram would be structured with the surname initial in the centre with the first name initial to the left and middle name initial to the left, however nowadays the choice is yours and plenty of people choose initials from nicknames or those which mean something to them. You can design your own monogram piece at our DIY jewellery event so if you haven't booked your place yet, do so here.

Join our Masterclasses at Selfridges with Indytute...

During November we are taking part in a rather exciting little pop up at Selfridges with the lovely folks over at Indytute as they officially launch their brilliantly inspired lessons. Starting this week and taking you right through to the week before Christmas, these creative minds are taking over the fourth floor of Selfridges to bring you an array of workshops from tassle making to nail art, and allowing you to shop for the ultimate gifts - unique and inspiring lessons in everything from blues guitar to table tennis. With all sorts of creative craft on offer from paper engineering to balloon making and ukelele playing, this might just be the perfect gift for those who have it all. We will be taking part in it all by offering unique jewellery design workshops in Selfridges which you can all come along to. indytute workshops We are joining in the fun by hosting three 'Let's get Personal' jewellery design workshops on the 8th, 13th and 22nd November. The workshops are free but there are a limited amount of spaces so if you would like to come along and find out more about how to create your own bespoke piece of jewellery from start to finish, shop for personalised Crimbo presents and get help choosing an item then make sure you book a spot on the website here. During the workshop you will have a chance to meet with Anna herself as she guides you through the bespoke service and helps you find the piece of jewellery you were dreaming of, either for yourself or for a loved one. As well as our fabulous workshops you can also enjoy all of the other activities this pop up provides such as tips on Christmas wrapping from Thornton and Peel, party nail art from Boom Nails and creative biscuit icing with the tasty Biscuiteers! We can't wait to see you there!