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Monogram jewellery is big news at the moment, it seems everyone wants to add that personal touch to their fashions. Whether through bags, clothing or jewellery, putting your own stamp on items, quite literally, is the best way to make things personal. Personalised luggage a la Louis Vuitton has been popular for years, meaning discerning travelers never have trouble finding their luggage at the other end. In recent years initial stamps and monograms  have appeared on more accessories such as Alphabet Bag's initials totes and purses and Cambridge Satchels stamped bags. But for the easiest (and in our opinion the chicest) way to do the monogram trend, choose jewellery. There are plenty of options for personalising your jewellery but monogramming offers a subtle approach that looks both sophisticated and on trend. Choose from pieces such as our timeless solid gold monogram necklace (the perfect Christmas gift for someone special), our leather cuffs in a variety of colours (that bright orange is so on trend) or the chic monogram rings. Traditionally the monogram would be structured with the surname initial in the centre with the first name initial to the left and middle name initial to the left, however nowadays the choice is yours and plenty of people choose initials from nicknames or those which mean something to them. You can design your own monogram piece at our DIY jewellery event so if you haven't booked your place yet, do so here.

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