Wedding Fever...

Ever since our fave celeb couple Kimye got engaged in the most extravagant proposal we’ve seen in Celebville for years, we can’t help but get wedding fever and just come over all giddy at the thought of their big day! If the engagement is anything to go by (NFL pitch, brass band, film crew) then we are in for a reality show treat when the day itself comes.

Of course not every bride dreams of a wedding this extreme but we can definitely take some tips from the celebs when it comes to planning our own weddings. If you too have recently got engaged or are planning a wedding, here’s a few celeb inspired tips for your big day. Why only the bride in white? - Ever since The Duchess of Cambridge had her sister and only bridesmaid Pippa wear ivory too, there has been an influx of neutral coloured bridesmaids. Previously seen as the utmost of disrespect to wear anything which may resemble the bridal colour, nowadays neutral ivories and pale pinks are considered most chic for your bridal party. Make your accessories do the talking - ok technically this isn’t a real wedding but in most girls books its just as important. When Carrie stepped out to marry Mr Big her headwear was just as much a talking point as her dress was. Who says you can’t wear a giant feather on your head to get married? Don’t be afraid to defy convention - not a typical bride? don’t feel bad for wanting to do something different. When Jerry Hall married Mick Jagger she eschewed the typical white gown in favour of something altogether more colourful and wore traditional Balinese dress.

Allow yourself to be self indulgent - when GBBO finalist Ruby Tandoh called weddings an exorcism in narcism she shocked brides the nation over but why be ashamed to want the day to be all about you? You're inviting friends and family to watch as you mark an important date in your life (and your paying for their dinner) so don’t be afraid to make it your day. Take inspiration from Victoria and David Beckham who sat atop King and Queen thrones on their wedding day.

and finally... Do things your way - one thing we can take from all celeb weddings is that they never compromise on what they want from their big day. Even if you're not flush for cash like them its important to remember that your wedding day isn’t about pleasing other people, it’s about what you and your other half want so don’t be too swayed by others opinions. Want to wear a black dress? Want winter flowers in summer? Want a best man instead of a bridesmaid? Everyone wants something different from their day so go right ahead. If you are planning a wedding, why not let us help with the accessories. Check out our range of hair accessories and jewellery suitable for the big day.