Fill your Christmas Stockings!

Yup we are going there again folks, Christmas. But this time it's actually acceptable and we hope you've all at least started thinking about what to buy for who. Today we are on hand to bring you plenty of suggestions for those little things that often get left to the last minute - the stocking fillers! Who doesn't love the one sock wonder that hangs above the mantelpiece? However small or silly the good insides, its a Christmas tradition that is always a joy to behold. So what to include? An orange, a penny farthing? a diamond ring? Whether you go down the extravagant or the cheap and cheerful route, jewellery is guaranteed to produce a smile so we've rounded up our selection of the perfect items to fill your Christmas stockings this year, whether you are looking to splurge or save. Christmas Gifts 1. 9kt Solid Gold Name Necklace - £275 2. Teardrop studs - £40 3. Children Necklace - £75 (engraving available) 4. Infinity Ring - £48 5. Monogram Earrings - £75 6. Love Locket - £108 Christmas Stocking Fillers 1. Penny Necklace - £18 2. Watermelon earrings - £15 3. Crystal Avalanche Hairclip - £18 4. Bunny Kisses Necklace - £17 5. Cat Rings - £20 6. Beautifully Balancing Travel Candle - £14