Coin jewellery

Coin your style with Anna Lou’s unique statment money range. Pennies become pendants and coins become charms, to form a collection of stunning pieces that will add a special touch to your look – whatever the season. Time to strike gold or silver! Money may not bring you happiness but this collection will! 44043 For best results layer the coin jewellery collection with other various styles of jewellery to create a different look each time! Want to try something new? Why not try layering the coin bracelet with a rose gold bangle. This gold coin necklace is the perfect bling-bling accessory to add a cheeky look to your outfit. Looks great over an open shirt. Absolutely gorgeous isn’t? 4614_14564_3   There are no words to describe how much I am in love with this coin collection, it is the perfect jewellery touch that you need to spice up your outfit. Want to look and feel like a million dollars? There is no doubt this collection is for you! Now the difficult part is to choose between the silver or gold coins, my advice pick the colour that you usually don’t wear so that you can wear the coin jewellery collection with another of your favourite jewellery piece to create the ultimate two tone look. I am obsessed with layering various type of bracelets like the coin gold bracelet with my favourite coloured bangles together. coin By Claudia Bussieres