Wedding season is coming!

Are you one of the lucky ones that have found your soulmate and celebrating your union this Summer? Or maybe you are a bridesmaid? I have this feeling that this Summer is going to be filled with some stunning weddings! Now the question is what to wear to a wedding? If you are a bride or a bridesmaid and want to give a special gift to your dear friend as a bridesmaid have a little look at these amazing ideas for you lovely Wedding belles!  There are lots of options of perfect jewellery gifts to give your best friend on her most memorable day of her life. As a bride, from the day your soulmate proposes your bridesmaids are your support to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Show them your appreciation of taking part on the most important day of your life with these beautiful and delicate personalised jewellery pieces. Not only will they remember your special wedding day but also the unique friendship that you both share. mrs mr   As a bridesmaid my advice is to try these girly bangles, there is a colour for every bridesmaid (you might not be able to pick your bridesmaid dress but you may be able to choose your jewellery and accessories). These bangles are absolutely gorgeous layered with two tone bracelets! Have a look for yourself! If you feel a little bit lovey-dovey try this heart ring, absolutely perfect for a wedding! ban 4564_3 If you are taking part in the wedding as an invitee you can still dress to impress! Try these lovely heart shaped bracelets and layered them with a few pearl bracelets. Don’t stop there, wear a delicate necklace to balance your jewellery look, have a look at this beautiful XO necklace.heart   4155   By Claudia Bussieres