Tips to Getting the Right Prom Dress for your Body Type

I’m sure you would have figured out by this point that everybody is different in so many ways; one of the most obvious ways is evident in the many different body types that each person is blessed or struggles with. Some people seem to have come out of a mould of fashion perfection while others, well, some of us need to work a little harder with what we have. If you’re not a perfectly figured girl with optimum curves and fashion industry standard length legs, don’t worry as this only means one thing: you are perfectly normal. Hollywood has led a lot of us to believe that if you aren’t rocking Kate Moss’ curves, you don’t stand a chance of looking elegant in clothes. Well, I’m here to tell you that that is utter rubbish. Looking great in a good dress depends a lot on your body type, but that doesn’t mean only a few select body types can look great; it just means that everyone, (even the perfect girls) have to work hard and with no small amount of creativity to find the right prom dress that best suits their body type. So here are a few styles, each designed to make you look great regardless of your personal insecurities about your body. 1. High low prom dresses These are great for the daring girl who wants to exhibit a brave sense of style. There’s just one problem; they only really suit a very specific range of heights. Girls of around 5 feet will feel comfortable and elegant in these dresses, while shorter girls may feel slightly frumpy in them, and taller ladies might feel like they are wearing a loin cloth. Of course once you’ve brought the dress it is relatively easy to make adjustments for it to suite your body type, which makes the dress workable for anyone. 2. Plus sized dresses It almost felt like a dirty word typing that out, but why should it? Many women have severe insecurities about their weight and feel that their size limits them and their sense of style. The months leading up to prom are littered with statements like “I need to lose X pounds before I can fit into my dress.” This really isn’t necessary. Celebrate and express who you are because you are beautiful. If you can’t fit into the unrealistic mannequin-sized dresses, don’t starve yourself. Instead, find the dress you like in a plus sized range. Most designers make them for all their styles. The Sherri Hill prom dresses for women come in a variety of cuts to suit any body type. 3. Short prom dresses Short skirts –love them or hate them— are perfect for ladies who are proud of their feminine curves and love looking sexy. But that is not all they are for. On hot nights they can offer coolness, on cold nights they can be paired with leggings, and on long nights they can offer comfort. If you wear them, they will further boost your confidence on the night by making you feel free, elegant, and sexy. 4. The right cut The size and shape of your bust can have quite an impact on the look you choose to go for. Strapless gowns that show a bit of shoulder are great for those of us who are flat-chested. They frame the shoulders and neck to give an overall look of complete bodily beauty. It is a fallacy often believed by women and men alike that the chest is the most prominent part of the body and should therefore be highlighted wherever possible. No. Elegance, grace, and subtle sexiness have nothing to do with a lady’s chest size when you select a dress. Sizably busted ladies? You don’t always want to show the world your girls, right? A tight, well cut, closed neck top or dress is perfect for accentuating your shape and beautiful curves while still ensuring that your date keeps his eyes on your face.