Looks We Love: The Ear Crawler

Everyone is raving about the ear crawler, and so are we. For those who are unaware, an ear crawler is an earring that extends up the lobe and sometimes all the way up the ear. Ear crawlers are made so that it appears that you have multiple piercings on your ear. And they really do look real! It’s easy to fool people into thinking that you went and got your ear pierced. Thank you to whatever brilliant soul made them, because now it’s easy to look cool without having to actually get your ear pierced so many times. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. What we’ve noticed that people like to do is wear a crawler in one ear, and an edgy stud in the other. This breaks up the monotony of having so many “piercings” on each ear. It gives a trendy, rocker-chic vibe to the look. Another way we’ve seen it done is with ear cuffs: again, in one ear is the crawler, and in the other is the stud. On the same ear as the stud the wearer will have 1-2 ear cuffs (these are earrings that make it seem as though you have a cartilage piercing). This varies the type of “piercings” that you can have. Gives the same edgy effect, but in a different way. Ear crawlers are totally cool and trendy. They’re a great way to make a statement on your ear aside from long, dangly earrings. They may be subtle, but subtlety sometimes goes a long way.