Coming From America: The Top 5 Things We Love About London

  School is out and summer is in. Time for travel and experiencing the world. Jessica and Havisha, pictured here wearing some Anna Lou of London jewellery, travelled here from America. We talked to them about what they love most about London. 5. The Underground Neither of us have really taken public transportation before, so the Tube was a thrill. In the short time that we’ve been here, we have travelled all around London on the Tube. It’s so efficient, and really cool because you never see the same person twice. 4. The Culture One of the best parts about London is that it’s a cultural melting pot. We come from big cities like New York and DC, which also have a mix of people. But there are different types of people here. It’s nice because we are in a country that speaks our language and has many of the same things we do, but we still get to experience different cultures. 3. The Accents We ditched Jersey slang and Southern twang for British accents. Everything sounds so much more elegant here, no matter what is being said. We told our parents that if we don’t have beautifully British accents by the end of our trip, they are sending us back! 2. The Shopping London has a lot of stores that are also present in America: Urban Outfitters, AllSaints, Top Shop, etc. But what we really love is the morning and weekend markets. You can find such unique and adorable pieces there. It’s nothing like anything we have at home. 1. The Royalty So far we’ve been to Buckingham Palace, and to see the crown jewels at the Tower of London. The history and the beauty of it all is overwhelming. We wish we had some royalty in American history!
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