5 Stunning Alternatives To A Diamond Engagement Ring

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and when it comes to choosing an engagement ring most women would go for a diamond one — every time. So to some, the very notion of ditching the diamond and choosing a different stone might seem unthinkable. But of course there is no end to stunning alternatives. We want to give you a few of those other options. Because let’s be honest, although diamonds are undoubtedly beautiful, they’re seen as the standard stone of choice. So lots of people end up having similar looking rings. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a bit different and own an engagement ring that you rarely see anyone else wear? If you’re still with us, here’s our list of 5 stunning alternatives to a diamond that are all equally impressive in their own right.

Blue Sapphire

The sapphire is a striking jewel with a fascinating history. In the medieval period, it was believed that the sapphire was an indicator of a partner’s fidelity. If the colour of the ring were to fade or change it would indicate that they had been unfaithful. Consequently, it was often firmly relied upon to gauge whether the lady in question could be trusted. In the 14th and 15th century, sapphires began to represent noble virtues such as devotion and loyalty. Prized throughout history by nobles and royals alike, they were seen as a truly lavish gift that showed a person’s love was unquestionable. Princess Diana herself wore a blue sapphire engagement ring, which now belongs to Kate Middleton. So you can rest assured that choosing a sapphire over a diamond comes with royal approval. Another fact about the sapphire that a lot of people probably don’t know is that it is the most valuable and precious among the blue gemstones. It has this distinction because of its excellent colour and lustre. If you don’t use any colour prefix, like Blue, it is talking about Corundum.

A Knot

As the name suggests, the metal of this particular style of ring is intertwined to form an elegant knot. Stone-less knot engagement rings are a popular option and although they certainly have a more understated quality than a diamond, that doesn’t mean to say they’re not a beautiful alternative. Sure, they might appear a little plain without a gemstone, but the very simplicity of their design defines their inherent beauty. And it’s not just the band’s intertwining that makes it beautiful. A Knot type of engagement ring will symbolise just that - a true lover’s knot. This was popularised by sailors who were separated from their loved ones. The 2 metal bands on this ring are interlocking each other in a knot. This makes the band flexible to move about yet the two bands are inseparable for eternity. If you’re looking for a dazzling rock on your finger that earns howls of delight from your friends, this probably isn’t the ring for you. If on the other hand you want an engagement ring that doesn’t break the bank but still has a truly sophisticated quality to it, a knot could well the best choice. You will find jewellery for sale from Kalmar Antiques and one of them will be stunning knot engagement ring designs.


Throughout time, emeralds have been associated with the goddess of love — Venus. Along with this romantic association there’s also something truly eye-catching about an emerald. Perhaps it’s because you don’t see them all that often. So it goes without saying that if you’re looking for a truly unique alternative to a diamond ring, an emerald will make a fantastic choice. There are a range of signs that will let you know about the quality of the emerald you’re buying, but to ensure you’re buying true quality the more obvious indicators to look out for are the colour, which should be deep and vivid, a sharpness and clarity to the stone and a lack of visible inclusions.


If you really want to turn heads, the striking intensity of a ruby engagement ring will definitely do the job. Rubies are also known to signify a powerful and intense kind of love, so if you want to make your true feelings known this is the ring for you. The ruby is also an incredibly valuable gem, and in fact the most prized varieties fetch more per carat than diamonds. Exceptional quality is indicated by a rubies high level of clarity and depth of colour, so when you’re trying to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible when buying a Diamond Engagement Ring, again — make sure to look out for these distinctive characteristics.


Amethyst is a semi-precious stone and the purple variety of quartz. However, despite it being known for possessing a deep violet colour, there are a wide range of variations among amethyst stones. In fact you’ll find examples that are actually closer in colour to a light lilac. One of the great things about amethyst is that it can be cut into a wide range of shapes owing to the fact that the hardness of amethyst varies from piece to piece. This obviously means if you have your heart set on a customised design it makes it easier to get the exact shape you’re looking for.