Ask Anna: Playful Pieces

As the summer starts to heat up we’ve decided to ask Anna to give some advice on a hot trend of the season: playful bright pieces. We have seen this trend on the runway by designers like Marni who took inspiration from Japan and street style to create a whimsical look. Here at ALOL we have great pieces that you can incorporate into your wardrobe in order to get this on trend whimsical look. Just tap into your playful side, and leave your inhibition behind. EmptyName 5 What are some of your favorite Anna Lou of London playful pieces? The new crown charms from the Design Your own collection. I love the playful pieces which are inspired by the innocence of childhood and the beauty of British heritage.  How would you style a look that incorporates playful pieces? I love to style the playful pieces with some classic staples. Jeans and white Tshirt, a denim shirt, and block colors. We have some great statement pieces like our Monochrome necklace that will give you the perfect playful look with a simple outfit.  For those people who don't feel confident wearing bold playful pieces, what would suggest would be the key pieces to wear? You won't look silly if you wear bold statement kitsch jewellery with confidence and don't over do it too many different colours. It doesn't matter what piece you choose to wear, as long as you love it.  On what occasion would you wear this whimsical look? You can add a touch of playfulness to your everyday outfits. The best occasion to wear playful pieces is when you're in a whimsical mood. The key to perfecting this look is dressing according to your mood.  We know that Marni was inspired by Japan and street style, but what inspires you to create a look with playful pieces? I draw on a lot of Japanese inspiration as well. I love Japanese toyshops, magazines, and the fact they love to collect things!    3666  

The Monochrome necklace (3666) is a great statement piece to spice up any outfit.


Our Shooting Star Cuff (1222) is a great playful piece that will make your arm candy outshine everyone around you.


This Feather Acrylic Necklace (3845) is bold and playful all the while on trend.

By: Dominique Klynott

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