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autumn essentials Autumn has well and truly hit this week; the mornings have got darker, the leaves have started to fall and the temperature has dropped to a level we forgot it could go to. So with the new season here, what are the autumn Essentials every girl needs? Here are out top five items that we think will see you through the autumn season... 1. A good transitional coat - Especially if you live in London, during autumn winter, you find yourself in a constant yo-yo of hot to cold as you go from the tube to the outdoors to the office so one of the most important autumn essentials is a coat which can see you through all eventualities. 2. A classic pair of boots - rain, snow, shine - no matter what the weather you can't go wrong with a classic autumn boot. A pair which go with all your outfits, can be pulled on easily and are sturdy enough to trek through snow yet chic enough to wear to a bar, are perfect. 3.  A statement necklace - we spoke about the power of the statement necklace in our last post and if Anna Wintour et al can't persuade you then we wont even try but its safe to say this is the one accessory you should definitely be  buying right now. 4.  A berry lipstick - nothing says autumn like a warm berry colour on your lips. As seen on many a fashionista, team your berry look with a leather jacket and some attitude and your good to go. 5. A chic hairpiece -  autumn means wind, rain, and sometimes even hail and snow, all of which can play havoc on a carefully coiffed do. So to avoid the hair disaster before it starts invest in a chic hairband or clasp which can tame your mane while still looking stylish. What are your autumn essentials?

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