Originating for use of warding off evil spirits and bad luck, charms have kept a tight grip on the jewellry world through the centuries.  Charm bracelets have given us the opportunity to personalise and uniquely accessorise any outfit we wear. From Queen Victoria’s wrist to our 16th birthdays, charm bracelets have always and will always be an accessory to revamp.
Lucky for you, Anna Lou of London has done just that and offers a wide variety of handmade charms to sparkle up your wardrobe. Whether it be a single charm for a simple and delicate look or a multiple of charms with a chunky take, we’ve got the charm craze down!
The Name Bracelet give you a fabulous opportunity to personalise and uniquely top off your outfit!
With a splash of color and a bundle of your favorite charms, the Green Statement Bracelet will leave a fun and sophisticated impression!
Let the Personalised Heart Charm Bracelet capture your heart with it’s delicate and beautiful look! From a new born baby to an adult, this bracelet will be a great gift that comes straight from the heart.
No matter what style, add one of our handmade charm bracelets to your wardrobe!
McKenna Taylor