Fashion and Jewellery Tips for Fall and Winter

Combine Winter Jewellery from with Stylish Warm Clothes Fall Fashion Trends With fall halfway through and winter quickly approaching, it's time to break out the warmer clothes. It may seem challenging to make your clothes still look stylish while wearing your oversized coat and gloves, but here are some tips to make your winter wardrobe, including some sparkly jewellery from a perfect combination. Warm Weather Fashion Tips Buy some simple long-sleeve sweaters that conform to your shape. Avoid oversized bulky sweaters and shirts as they add bulk and size, not style. However, you can still dress up your favourite plain grey sweatshirt by pairing it with warm leather leggings and chunky shoes. In addition, consider purchasing some casual cashmere sweaters as they're both warm and stylish. If you choose to wear a skirt, then stay warm by supplementing it with warm opaque stockings and knee-high leather boots. In addition, for a stylish and warm look, don a faux fur coat, but keep the rest of your look simple. Dress in layers. Start with a dressy camisole and layer a cardigan over it, pairing with nice leggings or jeans. Finish your outfit with a dressy brooch or a diamond pendant. Fall Jewellery Trends While your comfortable sweaters and cardigans are an on-going style trend, this year they need necklaces and sparkly rings from to complete the look. Often your sweaters need a little glitter and bling to jazz it up so add a stunning diamond pendant. Diamond Brokers Queensland offers the highest quality diamonds for all their jewellery so you can purchase a pendant and earrings that complements your diamond rings. Technically, this year gold and diamond knuckle rings are popular and have been since 2008, but Diamond Brokers Queensland specializes in custom engagement rings. They only use certified diamonds which they mount onto 18 carat gold or platinum bands. Each ring is completely different and is designed on the couple's preferences. Some of my favourites included a blue sapphire ring in a pear cut with white diamonds on the side and a round diamond and ruby yellow gold engagement ring. As I love pink, that was the one I chose. I also asked that they design me some dangly diamond and rub earrings.  (Image by ADFstore via Flickr) Combining Fashion And Jewellery Trends I know it seems frustrating to look cute when the weather is so blustering and cold outdoors, but you can do quite a bit with the apparel you have at by layering items and adding a few basic pieces. Just remember as you purchase jewellery and accessories, that your fingers often are smaller in the winter so you may need to get rings resized once the weather is warmer. Author Bio: Jennifer Watson grew up being head cheerleader and prom queen high school so she's very good at delegating and getting things accomplished. She was also a beauty queen who was just as gifted at answering the questions as she was with her looks. Throughout the years, she's remained passionate about only a few things: the best restaurants, fashion, and fine jewellery, especially pink precious stones. She currently writes reviews for
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