Galliano arrested...Or is this a PR stunt for Paris Fashion Week?

What a naughty boy! Fashion icon John Galliano, head of Christian Dior has been arrested for making anti-Semitic remarks to a couple in a Paris cafe. He had supposedly been drinking heavily in a local bar yesterday evening when he began verbally abusing this couple which was in front of dozens of people in a busy covered terrace. The police arrived quickly and managed to break up the disturbance. Galliano, who has been chief designer at Christian Dior since 1996, was briefly arrested and then released pending charges for assault. Galliano, who was born in Gibraltar and then brought up in South London, and he is often seen in the bars and café of the Marais. This is all he needs now if this isnt a PR stunt as he is currently preparing the Christian Dior Autumn/Winter 2011 collection which will be shown at Paris Fashion Week on March 4th. I wonder what his friends, Kylie Minogue, for who he has designed clothes for tours and Madonna has also visited him regularly in Paris will think?! And he's apparently a possibility to design Kate Moss' wedding dress!   galliano-arrested london