Ski season is in full tilt, and while you're pelting down the side of a mountain at full speed (complete with sweat, red cheeks and flyaway hair) it can be difficult to maintain a stylish composure - despite the fact that modern ski wear is now more fashionable than ever. Then the sun sets and you're all out of energy, and that apres ski chalet/club and glass of grappa/Jagerbomb awaits - and there waits an opportunity to make your mark and show off your fabulous style as you relax in front of breathtaking scenery. When packing for a ski holiday, your jewellery and accessories are never as much of a consideration as salopettes and gloves, but there's no reason why you can't channel ski chic with a few carefully-chosen pieces. Earrings, for example, can be worn on and off the slopes without claiming too much suitcase space, and bright hair elastics can add punch to your practical ponytail or plait. Choose wisely with pieces that can be reworked with every look, and there's no reason why you can't maintain ski chic both on and off the slopes.

Alphabet studs (£36) can be personalised with your own initials or choice of letters to add a personal touch to your ensemble - scrape your hair off your face and you're good to go! Alternatively, Arrow earrings (£20) are still practical but add some extra interest, with a choice of finishes and textured hammer detail. Better yet, they can still be seen underneath your headband, hat or ski helmet!

Your special Monogram Bracelet (£78) can be worn on the slopes without causing too much annoyance, and incorporates your personality into your look in understated style. Or opt for the Mint Green with Envy arm candy set (£145). Icy hues reflect the snowy scenery around you, and the pieces in the set can be mixed and matched by day (making them great value for money), or stacked up together by night for the ultimate apres ski style statement.

Fasten a bow hair elastic (£20) onto the end of your plait to add some interest to your slope-ready hair, or secure the lips hair elastic (£15) into your ponytail and scale the slopes in style.

Whatever accessories you opt for, everyone will be swooning as you swoosh through that white powder - epitomising ski chic with the simplest additions! Easy peasy.

By Charlea Glanville