How to Pick a Prom Dress that Compliments Your Skin

Matching your prom dress to the tone of your skin doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do. A lot of people panic and get stuck when they realise, that for some reason, the tones they would normally use for their makeup, don’t seem to work as well when finding the perfectly coloured dress. This is why people fall for the misconception that pale skinned girls are shackled to wearing cool-toned outfits, and girls with darker skin can get away with just about anything. Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s not entirely true. There are a range of colours for each and every skin type to bring out their undertones which can lie dormant in the wrong dress. • Your skin is beautiful; your dress is beautiful; so why isn’t it working? The tricky thing about gauging your skin tone is giving consideration to the right layer of tones. You have two of them in this case. The surface tone of your skin is what gives you your complexion. This is the tone you take into account when you work with makeup, especially your foundations. When working with dresses though, this tone makes very little impact on the choices you make. Now the undertones, the reason your skin goes pink or brown in the sun, the reason your veins show through as blue or green or not at all, that is the tone you want to work with. It’s from here that your dress should find those subtle hues and accentuate them. Whether it’s something home-made or a selection from the Sherri Hill prom dresses collection, a colour mismatch will make it look cheap. • Opposites attract The idea that opposites attract isn’t just romantic, but true; albeit trite. This one’s no secret, but when you bear in mind what I said above, this becomes a good place to start. 1. Cool undertones: Pinks, blues and reds are your skins best feature, so accentuate them with warmer, peachier tones. Earthy colours are also a fantastic option for fair skinned girls, since they accentuate your skin with less chance of clashing. 2. Warm undertones: You’ve got the gift of golden peachy skin, but that doesn’t mean it will look good in anything. Warmer tones will accentuate your colour, so try out deep pinks, blues and even cool greens. They’ll make the colour in your skin more vibrant and luscious. 3. Neutral undertones: Your combination of warm and cool tones is your skin’s greatest blessing, but it can make colour matching a little bit tricky. Try out a combination of cool and warm tones, or try them on their own. Avoid keeping it neutral with beige or cream though, it won’t bring out any of your skin’s natural flair. • Consider your makeup While I’ve already mentioned that make up is affected by your skin’s surface tone and not its undertone, the hues of your makeup could make or break the colour relationship you have with your dress. Try to consider your dress more than your skin type when it comes to your makeup. • Trust your hair and eyes Your body knows best which colours go with each other, and your hair and eye colour are often a good clue as to which tones you should choose for a dress. The temptation is there to change them on the night with hair-dyes and contact lenses; this usually leads to a need for artificial tans. If you’re changing your hair, eyes and skin, then these obviously affect the choice of the colour of your dress. • Use the décor Think about the event. There will be lighting and colour all over the room to contend with and you may have to compensate for that. Perhaps something with a bit more shine and glitter would be more appropriate, if your skin can accommodate it; or perhaps downplaying your dress’s colour is the best way to make it noticeable. • Think of your date Outshining your date will look a little bit odd, come to an agreement with him or her. Think about whether or not you want matching outfits, and if their outfit matches yours, how does it work with their skin tone? I’m not saying you should find a date with a similar tone to you, but keeping your partner’s outfit in mind is a good way to ensure the continuity of both your styles. If it’s better the two of you don’t match because of skin tones, then so be it.