Layered jewellery can seem tricky to get right. Either you’ve layered the wrong jewellery together or you’ve overdone it so much you look like you’re wearing your whole jewellery collection. However, if layered right it can add an accent, a pop to your outfit, and create a unique look. "I don't know how to layer" I hear you say, but have no fear! We've scoured through the internet and put together a list of the best layered looks that's not only easy to follow but easier to add your own twist to the layered look.

Dainty gold jewellery, gradually getting bigger and longer with each chain.

Mix and match gold and silver and add a personalised touch to your layers with letters and/or pendants.

Layer the chunky and statement necklaces with the more delicate ones for a alternative look.

Layer chunky jewellery on top of each other . Make sure they are in the same colour palette.

As a special treat for our layering girls out there, we’ve put together four different layer looks to help you to not only layer but save some cash. With each layered look on offer, there’s no better time to pick up a bargain! shimmer in silver  

Shimmer in Silver with this silver crystal bow and peace tag necklace £45.00* Original Price £82.00

nature calls

Nature Calls layer look available at £38.00* RRP £48.00


Gold Goddess layers available at £60.00* RRP £121.00


Woodland Dreams layer available at £50.00* RRP £95.50

What's your favourite layering look?

By Hyejin Kwon