This week’s post is by Ellis our PR and Marketing Executive, who met up with the gorgeous Victoria from In The Frow!

Last week I‘d arranged to meet up with Victoria to have a girly catch up as well as show her the collection and ask her a few questions about her blog. I travelled up to Manchester, which felt like I was going back in time as I went to University there. It’s such a great City –  very cosmopolitan and there's lots of amazing boutiques and bars, I would definitely recommend anyone to go visit. However it does live up to its name of being the rainiest City so bring a brolly!

We met at TeaCup Kitchen in the Northern Quarter and what a lovely afternoon it was. Check out the full interview below:

1) – Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name’s Victoria I write for the blog InTheFrow and make youtube videos. I have blogged for 2 years and live in Manchester. I love all things fashion, lifestyle and travel.

2) How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as eclectic and very mood driven, some days if I’m feeling laid back and casual I will wear band tee, tucked in to jeans and accessorise with a cute bag, cool boots and with a long jacket. Or some days I want to dress more tailored and sophisticated, so will wear more fitted clothing and tailored jackets/trousers with a shirt. I like to mix it up depending on how I’m feeling.

3) What can’t you leave the house without?

I know it’s really lame but I can’t leave the house without my phone, I just don’t know what I’d do! Just because of work,  I have so many emails and I’m always on social, checking the blog… It would be impossible! Also carmex for a beauty fix, it’s just great for all year round.

4) How do you describe the fashion scene in Manchester?

I would say it used to be much more divided and people would say Manchester  is more laid  back and not as fashion forward, whereas London is more extrovert and more experimental. But I would now say the Bridge has gone and if you go Northern Quarter you have the vintage, boho style everywhere and I think the fashion scene has come up now here.

5) Are there any fashion icons/celebs/bloggers who’s style you admire?

I love Victoria Beckham , I’ve always followed her and  I just think she is so professional and an inspiration for business and family woman. She looks amazing all the time. Other than her it has to be Gwen Stefani as she is so cool and looks incredible. For me it’s not just their style but also the whole persona and how they hold themselves. There’s a couple of Bloggers too, I love Native Fox and Angelica Blick, both are stunning and have amazing clothes.

6) A fashion rule you never break?

I always say no red or green, I always think it looks so Christmassy, and also I think it’s hard to wear blue and black. It’s all about the shades for it to work, which can be tricky to make work.

7) Can you tell us what your fave pieces are from the collection and how you would wear them?

For a day look I would wear the woodland necklace, engraved heart studs and small heart charm bracelet. It would look great with jeans and simple tee, just keep it laid back!

For the evening the hammered studs and  hammered cuff in silver would look great with a black dress and I would either layer up the Love you necklace and the two disc necklace, or wear them on their own.

8) I know you’re a fan of London what are your fave places/ hangouts?

Yes I do love London and some of the places I love to go to are Shoreditch, Kings Road and Carnaby Street. I also love to eat at Pizza East and I’m obsessed with Lola’s Cupcakes. For shopping I love Liberty, it’s so beautiful.

9) If you could design your own jewellery collection what would it look like?

Aztec inspired, mix of delicate and bold pieces all sterling silver and platinum silver. The range would consist of necklaces, cuffs, bracelets and rings.

photo (9)

Victoria is wearing the hammered cuff, woodland necklace and stackable ring, get her look now:

To follow Victoria here's the link to her blog In The Frow:

By Ellis Johnstone