Let’s talk about the fabulous trends that exploded at this year’s Milan Fashion Week. These designers have produced some incredibly creative looks which have left us in a complete fashion frenzy! Now, we can finally rave about these trends that cat walked right onto our shopping wish lists!
Sparkle and Shine
Being a huge fan of everything sparkle, seeing Versace’s line put a huge smile on our faces here at Anna Lou of London. A statement setting with eye catching ensembles lit up the runway this year and it certainly got the attention it deserved. Along with the glitz and glam, Versace played with many cut outs within the designs. The pop of the colours, the shine, and the way it all went together was inspiring to see. We all know a statement is better made with a dash (or A LOT) of sparkle.
These eye catching Surprise earrings will make a statement on the runway or down the street.
The Lady Necklace is flashy and bold, which is perfect for fashionably standing out.
Designer, Moschino left us pleasantly speechless after seeing his take on creating a real life Barbie doll with his designs. Every model walking down the runway reminded me of my first fashion icon and how much I wished her clothes were life sized! Fabulous prints and bright, neon colors lit up this show. There was nothing that we did not fancy about this collection. The models were complete from head to toe in show stopping outfits. From the pink heels to the chunky accessories, everyone here at Anna Lou of London could not get enough!
These Starburst bangles not only add color but sparkle as well!
The Beauty adds glitz and glamour to any outfit!
A lot like these trends, Anna Lou of London takes risk with fashion and does not hold back on the beauty that it can encompass. Remember, fashion is a form of expression and a way to show the world who you are, so be bold!
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McKenna Taylor
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