Christmas is upon us and you know what that means; sparkly new outfits and one too many mince pies. Whilst it is wise to consider a roomier outfit to fit all this excess food into, a look that is too large will swamp your figure having the adverse effect; a frumpy and less-confident you. You really don’t need to sacrifice style over comfort when it comes to your perfect Christmas outfit. Here are some easy and thrifty ways you can get your Christmas and New Year’s Eve outfit sorted for years to come: Get yourself a versatile leotard Whether it’s plain black, has lace detailing or fluorescent, a leotard can be teamed with a number of your existing outfits and is a fresh take on the usual sparkly dress option.   Whilst high street stores have an array on offer, sometimes they might be a little too pricey. Head online and you can find yourself a perfectly good alternative that is better quality and unique too. For example, opting for a Move Dancewear leotard from the top dance retailer is an unusual avenue for high street fashion with their leotards being fashionable and flattering. With the stretchy lycra, the material smooths out any lumps and bumps you feel self-conscious about and the durability required for the most flexible of dancers, thinking outside the box will save you money and give you something wonderfully unique too. Order soon and you will get yours just in time for NYE, free postage if you spend £60 or get the reasonable next day delivery so you have it in time for the last batch of Christmas parties. Focus on accessories Year after year we feel the need to spend even more on an outfit we will wear a maximum of five times during one month. Instead of heading for the most obscure outfit you can find (and that money can buy), what not keep it classic and update with crazy accessories. For example, the little black dress is an essential in any girl’s wardrobe. In fact, you probably have at least two of them. So how about recycling with a fresh twist?     The LBD allows you to get creative so why not sport one of these awesome winter trends: - Big is beautiful; it’s a case of the bigger, the better for this season’s jewellery. Huge wrap-around pearls, pendant earrings and geometric shapes are everywhere, and these all make an equally big statement. - 1990s; we’ve all seen the plastic choker style necklace back in the stores, and they’re just as great now as they were then but in terms of the elegant New Year’s factor, there are some really show-stopping styles out there. For the wow factor, opt for the futuristic metallic theme. - Gorgeous gloves; from the elongated Breakfast at Tiffany’s style to strongly embellishment to the short biker style, this year has been the year of the glove. And they’re perfect for keeping you warm when you watch the fireworks at midnight too. No-one is going to notice or mention the stunning yet pre-worn LBD when teamed with on-trend and clever accessories. This is also the perfect time to play around with your style for the New Year ahead. Head to the supermarkets The clothing lines of George at Asda and TU at Sainburys have some gems hidden away.     The popularity of supermarket fashion has really grown in the past few years and it’s easy to see why; it’s affordable, convenient and surprisingly fashionable too. What’s more, there always seems to be a sale. Absolutely perfect this time of year when you’ve probably spent a little too much on presents, parties and the odd treat for yourself too. So whilst purchasing the turkey or getting your clubcard points, wander around the clothing aisles to see if you can pick up a chic outfit that doesn’t cost an-arm-and-a-leg. Opt for the mid I’ve already mentioned how you don’t need to get the sparkly dress for New Year’s Eve. In fact, why not opt for smart jogging style trousers with lace leotard complete with scarlet accessories? It’s a unique take on a traditional time of the year. If you are a dress kind of girl, but do fancy a change, midi length skirts are everywhere this season and they’re so versatile to style too. As we stumble into the festive couple of weeks, you’ll find a style for every occasion. For the ultimate party look, metallic and sequins are definitely the way to go. Team this with a fitted upper half, bejewelled necklace and simple court shoes. Simple! Have you already got your outfit for this year? Any other tips on the ultimate NYE outfit?