Sweet fantasy cravings

As my 2nd baby is due in 3 weeks time I have been frantically trying to get organised. With deliveries to Printemps in France and meetings with Japanese buyers in London it's been pretty full on in the run up to this little babies appearance. Especially as I cant forget about little Wilbur ( my 15 month old little boy). He's my other full time job!

But before I go today, can i just ask:? Have you ever woken up and instantly craved pik'n'mix sweets? It's probably the change of weather, but regardless those fizzy cola bottles are calling me. And as if I wasn't jonesing enough, mid-pik'n'mix fantasy I stumbled upon the incredibly hyper-realist paintings of Tjalf Sparnaay, whose often food-based pieces are causing my tummy to grumble even more. Seriously!