The Get-it-Right Guide to Buying Engagement Rings

Choosing the Right Engagement Ring to Make Her Say Yes
Make Her Say Yes! Get that Engagement Ring Proposal Success!
Synopsis: If you are looking to propose to your partner, choosing a ring can be hard, so get some expert help to ensure you are getting things right. It can be daunting enough when you think of proposing and asking for someone’s hand in marriage, you also have the prospect of choosing a ring that will make sure they say yes. The financial commitment is also significant so most men fear purchasing an engagement ring that just won't live up to the perfect ring. Get all the Help you Can If you do not want to make the choice yourself, then you are going to have to choose someone to confide in, and help you choose. Her mother, sister or aunt would be a perfect choice. They are most likely to know her tastes and will direct you towards suitable styles.  But make sure that you're confident that they can keep a secret, so the surprise is not ruined. So Many Styles  Serendipity Diamonds
Image by Koshyk via flickr The most surprising aspect of buying a diamond engagement ring (besides cost) is the enormous range of options. From the metal choice, to the stone shape, to the diamond size and even the quality of the stone. The following engagement ring styles are just some of the many types that are currently in demand. Round Solitaire – The most classic round brilliant cut diamond, best set into a simple four claw design. Princess Cut Solitaire – Square version of the above, and the second most popular shape. Can be set sideways on for a completely unique look. Fancy Shape Diamond Solitaires – Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. The Heart-shaped brilliant cut is considered most romantic. Diamond Cluster Rings – Many people choose rings with diamond weight divided across three or more stones. The cost can be much less than the equivalent single stone ring. Vintage Styles – Not strictly antiques, but styled on jewellery popular in periods such as the Edwardian and Art Deco Periods. Halo Engagement Rings – This style is currently very much in demand. A ring of diamonds surrounds a central stone giving the halo effect. Clever Alternatives  Unknown to many, there are some clever alternatives that ensure you don't make an irreversible decision with an engagement ring. Purchasing a stand-in ring – a replica, will provide an opportunity to test the design without committing to an expensive ring. According to Mark at, this has received a great response from many uncertain buyers. Choosing Together Most men will agree that their ideal scenario would involve the perfect surprise proposal, that ends with having the perfect engagement ring on their partner's finger. Some men work with some form of stand-in ring for the surprise and then go on to choose a ring with their partner. Uncertain Finger Size Besides style, finger size is always an issue. There is no real way of proposing and being 100% certain of the correct finger size. There are many suggested ideas on getting close to the correct size, but few actually provide a definitive result. Testing the water with a stand-in replica ring, allows the final ring to be chosen together and the true finger size to be established. Should I Consider Wedding Rings? Make life easier for your wedding, and choose a wedding ring-friendly design. Consider how a wedding ring will look next to your choice of engagement ring. Many engagement rings are made with settings lifted allowing a straight wedding band to sit alongside. Although weddings are not on most peoples mind at engagement, it is well worth taking a moment to also consider this option. By-Line: Tiffany Richards is a single mother who loves to write about fashion and jewellery. Her article draws advice given during a recent interview with Mark Johnson, owner of leading online jeweller Serendipity Diamonds. Tiffany shares her time between motherhood, work and a passion for fashion and jewellery design.