This is going to be one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Whatever your budget, there is the perfect ring out there for your partner, but if you find the whole thought of the task ahead daunting then you’re not the only one. Firstly, it would be worth creating a budget and sticking to it. There’s a high chance the love of your life is going to say “yes” and then you have the wedding to pay for. The  will certainly help you out there but until then, we have the engagement ring sorted. There are many shapes, styles, colours and price tags out there. In fact, the choice can send you into a whirlwind of worry. However, take a deep breath and gather some inspiration from these sparkly gems… Emerald Cut There’s a clue in the title when it comes to the Emerald Cut having originally been called as such for the shape of the gem itself. Also used for other gemstones, it is the diamond that really brings the cutting to life and one that many brides-to-be opt for. It is rectangular with cropped corners with those long stair style cuts towards the middle. This cut is definitely for the flasher bride as the sparkles are second to none, but the Emerald Cut was never so popular. In fact, a recycle in fashion during the Art Deco period transformed this ring into a fashionable force to be messed with. Baguette Cut Baguette Cut diamonds do in fact take their name from the popular French breadstick. The most common form of diamond for engaged couples as well as in general, the Baguette Cut is a step cut diamond in an rectangular shape and certainly dazzle. Also popular as wedding rings and eternity rings. You will find the Baguette Cut ring reminds you of the 1920s era as well as the Emerald Cut and you’d be correct; this shape diamond was extremely popular during the Art Deco era. Marquise Cut The Marquise Cut is a traditional style consisting of an oval with pointed ends. Most popular engagement rings are in silver or white gold, the Marquise Cut was commissioned by King Louis XIV in honour of his mistress’s (Marquise de Pompadour) smile. The sharp oval shape is extremely flattering for any future bride looking for a delicate cut with still an element of “wow”. Princess Cut The Princess Cut certainly makes the receiver feel like royalty. This is one of the most popular styles of engagement ring. Simple and classic, this is a square stone that has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. With the combination of a simple square but with slightly more pointed corners, this is a subtle pyramid shape. A new style of ring (especially in comparison to the others) this demonstrates the lavish and technical excellence the industry has become. Heart Cut This cut does have a literal meaning; the diamond is a heart, and what could be more appropriate? A symbol of love, it takes much skill to cut a heart-shaped stone with the sharp point mixed with rounded edges, not to mention a test of the cutter’s patience in terms of symmetry. Although not strictly that popular due to its overly romantic and cheesy nature, this ring does look extremely special regardless. Cushion Cut The Cushion Cut is for those brides that love the bling and has been popular for over a century. The diamond or stone is a cross between a rectangle and an oval giving that pillow or cushion effect. With the combination of rounded corners, large facets and straight edges, this shape is certainly one for the dynamic bride looking for something extra special. This cut is also known as the ‘antique cut’ and can be in a square or rectangle shape. Asscher Cut The Asscher Cut isn’t so dissimilar to the Emerald Cut but square instead of rectangular. With the same stair style facets towards the middle, this definitely has that sparkle factor. This style of ring certainly has a royal background. In 1902, the Asscher brothers of Holland decided to cut a style very similar to the traditional Emerald Cut but with more facets and more fire. This cut has the celebrity appeal too… Round Cut Like the Princess Cut, this is an extremely popular choice. It is a classic diamond shape yet unusual compared to most other styles you tend to wear on all other fingers. The round shape also has the most sparkle out of all of the cuts with 58 facets. Pear Cut Like the Heart Cut, the Pear Cut resembles its namesake. Whilst this is quite a traditional choice many young brides wish to steer clear of, there is a lot of charm in its shape. Also known as a teardrop, this cut isn’t so different to the Oval Cut and is one a traditional girl would go for. A Pear Cut is also great if the bride plans to get a matching set of earrings to suit. The key to buying an engagement ring is not to spend the most money, but to know exactly what your other half loves. Take a few deep breathes and go with your first instincts. Worse comes to worse, it can be exchange!