It’s no secret that celebrities often make quite a sum of money throughout their career, and some like to flaunt it while others prefer to live authentically, trying to impress no one. What do you think about these recent celebrity engagement rings? Too excessive, or right on the money? If one thing is for certain, there’s inspiration enough for everyone here, whether you’re a man looking for beautiful diamond rings for sale, or you’re the hopeful recipient of one. How much is too much? Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring from Prince William Likely the most famous engagement ring in all the land, or at least in Europe –Prince William proposed to Kate with an 18 carat sapphire diamond, which former belonged to the late Princess Diana. Not very many men have come close to a rock this size, although Brad Pitt came feverishly close. Mila Kunis’ Engagement Ring from Ashton Kutcher In February 2014, Ashton Kutcher popped the question to former That 70’s Show co-star Mila Kunis. Ashton produced a 5 carat $260,000 round cut solitaire diamond on a platinum band. A modern take on a classic look, and still subtle enough to not be gaudy. (Or Gotti, either). Jennifer Anniston’s Engagement Ring from Justin Theroux Weighing in at 8 carat and carrying a cost of approximately $500,000, this chunky emerald cut solitaire ring is as monstrous as it is elaborate. Absolutely riveting, but perhaps too much size for the squeamish. Behati Prinsloo’s Engagement Ring from Adam Levine The happy couple married in July of this year, however one year prior, Adam presented Behati with a classically vintage 1930’s-era round cut diamond engagement ring. Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring from Kanye West Kanye proposed to Kim with an offer she couldn’t refuse; an $8 million dollar 15 carat Lorraine Swartz diamond chunk. The ring has gone down in history as one of Elle Magazine’s Top 25 Celebrity Engagement Rings. Jennifer Garner’s Engagement Ring from Ben Affleck Although Ben Affleck may be the worst actor to play Batman since Val Kilmer, that didn’t stop Jennifer Garner for marrying him. Ben proposed to Jennifer with an ornate 4.5 carat diamond. Bruce Wayne could have done better. Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring from Brad Pitt After holding out for 7 years, the 7 Years in Tibet star Brad Pitt finally proposed to Angelina and made every minute worthwhile by offering her a ring fit for royalty; a 16 carat custom designed diamond ring by Robert Procop. Wow. Jessica Biel’s Engagement Ring from Justin Timberlake As in usual Timberlake form, Justin’s offering was all class; a design inspired by vintage jewellery. Jessica accepted his wedding proposal and took home a 6 carat diamond. Mariah Carey’s Engagement Ring from Nick Cannon Another whopper of a rock was presented to Mariah by her now husband, Nick Cannon. The square cut diamond ring weighed in heavily at 17 carat and was estimated to be valued at $2.5 million dollars. Alexis Biedel’s Engagement Ring from Vincent Kartheiser When the Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser proposed to on-screen sweetheart Alexis Biedel, he presented her with a diamond ring inspired by vintage designs. According to Brides Magazine, he also practised his proposal to fellow cast mates. Olivia Wilde’s Engagement Ring from Jason Sudeikis The Saturday Night Live star presented his down to earth beauty a round cut diamond surrounded with emerald coloured diamonds on a yellow gold band. No mention of carat or value, but the completely unique look to this ring shows it was carefully picked to suit its wearer. Halle Berry’s Engagement Ring from Olivier Martinez Resting on a rustic, hand-forged yellow gold band, Halle’s 4 carat knock-out ring is as gorgeous as it is creatively unique. According to media reports, the ring also possesses inscriptions only its wearer will understand. Cute! Salma Hayek’s Engagement Ring from Francois Henri Pinault The beautiful star who played Frieda Kahlo was presented with a gorgeous 5 carat oval cut diamond ring, with diamonds from side to side. Emily Blunt’s Engagement Ring from John Krasinski Set in platinum, the 3 carat round cut diamond stunner John proposed to Emily with is thoughtfully encrusted with diamond baguettes and resting on a pave diamond wedding band. And suddenly I’m hungry. Beyonce Knowles’ Engagement Ring from Jay-Z Jay-Z delivered an 18 carat diamond engagement ring fit for a princess in his proposal to Beyonce, and it’s absolutely massive. In the beginning there was a little confusion, because it looks more like (an) IceCube. Pun! Paris Hilton’s (Failed) Engagement Ring from Paris Latsis We can’t hold back on this one. When the Paris’ got engaged and Paris Hilton started walking around with this nasty glacier on her bony little hands, we learned that it weighed in at 24 carats. It looked much like a ring pop. Catherine Zeta Jones’ Engagement Ring from Michael Douglas When Michael Douglas proposed to Catherine he wooed her with a 10 carat marquis rock by Fred Leighton (so much for it being special, Christina Millian). The rock was so big that Catherine joked about her bicep growing due to the weight of it.