Tailoring has returned once again, however this year it comes without the masculine tag. Instead soft loose cut fabrics bring a touch of femininity to the usually androgynous outfit. Tailored outfits have come a long way since it's association with old stuffy men, and more synonymous with fresh, sleek and effortlessly chic. This mixture of classic tailoring and fluid, soft cuts create a relaxed feminine silhouette. The focus isn't to look masculine as Todd Lynn states “Keep those heels high… It’s about a great fit and a fearless approach to dressing, without the appearance of the old power suit.” Timeless structured fabric along with slouchy lines create a sexy, minimalistic and sophisticated look. Think oversized coats & jackets, wide-leg trousers, crisp shirt, classic waistcoat and man-style shoes. Many designers have experimented with tailoring for women from Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein to Christopher Kane. This is one trend you need to try this year, and done right, you will look effortlessly sleek.

A blend of casual and tailored. Mix your everyday clothes,such as a white t-shirt or jeans with fitted blazers or loose-fit trousers.

 This white number oozes cool and fresh and effortlessness. An unusual collarless blazer add fluidity to the outfit while the white heels will make the legs look longer than it actually is. Hurrah!

Head to toe tailoring done right. Make sure to add a feminine accessories and high heels to soften the look.

Dainty minimal jewellery is a preferred for this look.

cross bracelet

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By Hyejin Kwon