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If you're passionate about children and love unusual children’s hair accessories and jewellery and want to earn extra income whilst having some fun, then why not become an Anna Lou ambassador and host a ‘Dolly by Anna Lou of London’ party. Picture yourself and your friends gathered together in a fun social environment. Perhaps it’s just because it’s the weekend and you need an excuse to get together with your girlfriends, perhaps it’s your child’s birthday party or a friend’s child’s birthday party or maybe you are hosting a Christmas sale. But whatever the occasion the energy is buzzing and the conversation is flowing and you are all surrounded by beautiful and unusual children’s hair accessories and jewellery by one of the world’s leading accessory designers. Anna’s designs have been worn by the likes of Paris Hilton, Emma Watson, Kate Moss, Kylie Monogue, Lilly Allen, Fearne Cotton, Eliza Doolittle, and Peaches Geldoff to name but a few. Anna’s jewellery and accessories have been seen in magazines such a Vogue, Grazia, Look, Heat, Marie Claire, Instyle, Cosmopolitan, Company, Teen Vogue, Lucky (USA), Ellie, Mizz, Shout and Sugar and the list goes on. So, now by having a 'Dolly by Anna Lou' party your friends and guests will have direct access to the styles that were once only available at exclusive department stores and boutiques. Mixing business with pleasure has never been so fabulous! You don't need any previous experience and your working hours are completely up to you so you can fit them around your lifestyle.  Ambassador’s earn in excess of 60% of takings from day one and with an earning potential like that, many Anna Lou ambassadors choose to make their Anna Lou business a full time career or simply a way to earn extra money, save up for that holiday or treat their family. To get going simply order the Dolly Starter Kit for only £150 (worth over £450!).  The kit contains everything you need to throw the most fabulous party in town, including jewellery invitations, gift boxes, and bags as well as order forms, and business cards.  All you need to do is gather together a bunch of your friends and open a bottle of something sparkly! If you would like to throw a ‘Dolly by Anna Lou’ party whether for a special occasion or just because it's the weekend, Anna Lou will provide you with a fun home shopping experience that your friends will love!  As the host you will also have access to exclusive party offers and discounts. Please email your details to stating 'Ambassador' as the subject and we will arrange for Anna to contact you. FAQ’s: Do I need to be an expert in the fashion industry to become an Anna Lou ambassador? No, Anyone who loves jewellery and hair accessories and loves helping other women buy beautiful gifts can become an Anna Lou ambassador How much do Anna Lou ambassadors earn? Your earnings will be directly tied to your efforts. Ambassadors earn 60% of takings from day one. You have the freedom to choose how hard you want to work! Treat the Anna Lou ambassador opportunity casually, working a few hours a week for extra petty cash, or go full-time selling and work your way towards a larger income. Do I have to have business experience to become an Anna Lou ambassador? No.  Anna Lou has been successfully selling jewellery all over the world for over 8 years now.  She is here to share that information and support you at any level of experience. How much does it cost to get involved? For as low as £150, you will receive a starter kit (worth over £450!) with all the information, support, jewellery and accessories, gift bags and invitations needed to get your business moving forward. You will receive: Starter kit contains... Anna Lou hair accessories and jewellery worth £375 RRP. Anna Lou gift boxes x 20 Anna Lou satin gift bags x 20 Anna Lou tote bags x 10 Invitations x 50 Business Cards x 20 Order forms x 50 How much time per week does it take to be an Anna Lou ambassador? We suggest a minimum of at least 5 hours a week to keep your business momentum flowing, but remember, this is your business! You have the freedom to work as much or as little as you choose! You may be busy with family obligations one week and choose to scale back your efforts - no problem! You may want to take your family on a vacation and choose to work extra hours for more income. Go for it, there is no one stopping you! Anna Lou is always here to help you and support your business to any level you want to take it. What kind of support will the company offer me when I become an Anna Lou ambassador? Anna Lou offers a 24/7 online support as well as phone support during office hours Mon-Fri 8am-6pm for any questions or issues that might arise. Where is the jewellery designed and what is the jewellery made of? Anna designs everything here in the UK herself. She uses acrylic, Swarovski crystals, 14 kt gold base Alloy metal, Rhodium plated base alloy metal, and enamel. As varied as the jewellery, the materials that make up the jewellery are equally varied. How can I host a Dolly by Anna Lou party? It’s simple.  Purchase the starter pack, pick a date, invite your friends and have fun! How much work is required to host a party? Your level of effort is up to you. Basic needs include a group of good girlfriends, a well-lit space to display the jewellery and space for guests to sit. You may choose to provide light drinks and food, or create a more elaborate setting. It's your party - do it up the way you want to! What is the average age of the target market to sell to? All girls either young or simply just ‘young at heart’ love Dolly by Anna Lou accessories! Are there monthly minimums? No. We want you to buy the jewellery because you love it - not because you have to! What are the postage costs? Postal costs on all party orders are £12 for DHL next day delivery. Standard postage charges apply for all internet-based sales. NB: Extra shipping charges may apply if the order. Please email if you would like to know more.
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