Our Mother and Daughter range has gone live in Selfridges and we can’t hide our excitement any longer. Get yourselves down to Selfridges to see what all the fuss is about! This brand new range of jewellery gives you the opportunity to make your very own Anna Lou necklace. You can make your own necklace for yourself and your daughter, or maybe just for yourself, or a friend and her daughter... the possibilities are endless! You choose to add your own charms; this includes a variety of acrylic and engraved pieces in several different designs. From acrylic cherries to astrological discs, there's all sorts to choose from. This experience gives you the opportunity to create your very own one of a kind Anna Lou design. So take a trip down to Selfridges on Oxford Street and have a look at our latest designs. For those of you who make it down we've included some images of the display itself! See something you like? Click Here to be redirected to our website. photo 1 selfirdges 3 selfridges 3 All the charms are individually wrapped in separate packages and are labelled clearly so you can mix and match with separate pieces. We'd love to hear from you as to what you think to the latest Anna Lou of London collection. By Sophie Wilson
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