It’s time to throw out the idea that mixing metals is a fashion faux pas because right now, it’s the trend. Metals like gold, silver and my personal favorite rose gold are not items that you are meant to pick and choose from, but items that you can show off altogether.
What’s a fabulous way to rock these metals? Stack them!
Wearing two or three necklaces or stacking bangles creates an unforgettable look. Watching celebs like Jennifer Lopez take this trend and make it their own is fantastic to see! From gold and silver to sparkly and shiny, she wears these metals in stylish ways.
Lucky for you, Anna Lou of London offers a huge variety of mixed metals that are glamorously stackable!
Here are some style ideas to get you started on your mix and match journey:
Try stacking our gold and colourful Knotted Enamel Bangles with our silver Knotted Enamel Bangles! Pairing these will be the perfect match, or should I say perfect mix match!
For another fun look try wearing the Engraved Charm Long Necklace and layering it with our rose gold Engraved Balance Necklace! Not only are you mixing up the colours but also the style of the necklace. This look will add spice to your outfit, it's a look that no one will forget.
If you haven't already, get to mixing and matching these metals!
McKenna Taylor
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