Anna Lou's Guide to Accessorising

Do you dream of achieving the ALOL exceptional accessorising status? Are you able to pull off a totally original and fabulous look under any circumstances? A true ALOL girl is someone who appreciates the importance of accessories. Even if you are on a budget, you can still indulge your fashion accessory needs. The beauty of accessories is that they can be used again and again with multiple outfits in many different ways. Dress them up and dress them down, it takes an ALOL girl to really ?work? her accessories! If you want to be a true ALOL lady then here are a few rules to start with:
  • Think about what your natural style is like. A true ALOL girl is stylish and her fashion sense is inspired by a range of different concepts including dreams, fantasy, fairytale, Japanese streets, vintage, flea markets to name but a few.
  • Anna Lou is always original. A true ALOL girl is willing to try something new! Look different to all your friends. Be yourself and never be afraid to experiment with your look.
  • How much money do you have? An ALOL girl is a smart fashionista who manages to work a different look at all times even if she is on a budget!
  • Make the most of the accessories you have and be confident in your choices.
So start shopping now and accessorise in true Anna Lou style! ? accessory handbag  
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