Anna Lou's Style Barometer

ll3 tim-burton-alice-in-wonderland-movie-photos-7 Check out my favourite things in the world of Anna Lou's Style Barometer this week and the things dropping below the office gossip mill... Going up: Sue Sylvester: The UK has gone Glee (E4, Mondays) crazy. Though let?s face it ? anything that was going to combine the sunshine-y goodness of High School Musical, with the ?who?s the baby daddy?? drama of a daytime American soap and the adorable outfits of an Obsessive Compulsive Student Councillor ?was going to be a hit. But it?s the caustic, tough-nosed Cheerleader Coach Sue Sylvester that gives this show the edge ? she?s certainly not one to mess with. With her sheer brilliant put-downs and her vast array of matching tracksuits, you?d almost forgive her for wanting to take down the beloved Glee Club. Sue: That was the most offensive thing I've seen in 20 years of teaching ? and that includes an elementary school production of Hair. Sue: I'm going to ask you to smell your armpits. That's the smell of failure, and it's stinking up my office. Amazing. Monday?s are going to be so much more bearable now that we?ve got Glee to look forward to. Crushes: There?s nothing more heartbreakingly lovely than having a crush. Often innocent, very often fleeting - I?ll admit I?ve been known to have 5 in one day. With Valentine?s Day coming up, it?s a good excuse to send a few of your crushes a note to let them know they have a secret admirer. For those who are too lazy to get to the post office to send out love letters ? we?ve done the work for you. Visit our website and you can send your crush a heart-shaped message of loveliness to let them know they have a secret admirer. It?s anonymous ? so they need never know it was you!  So send as many as you like! Alice in Wonderland: I?m getting curiouser and curiouser about Disney and Tim Burton?s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.  A favourite since I was a little girl, I can?t wait to see Tim?s dark spin on the famous tale (and a perve at Tim?s BFF Johnny Depp also promises to be a treat). A little birdie also tells me there will be a few surprises in store for Alice fans. Stay tuned. Knee High socks For wearing with clumpy heels and pretty dresses. Bob Bob Ricard Stepping into this restaurant makes me feel like a film star in old-time New York, when in actual fact I?ve just stepped around the corner from my studio in Soho. Wreaking of sophistication with its low lighting and secret booths it would be the place I?d go for secret meetings or a cheeky day-time drink with lunch. The food is classic yet comforting ? think fancy macaroni cheese and beef wellington. But the best bit? Each booth has a small little button and above it a sign in gold plate that reads ?Press for Champagne.? Bzzzzt. Yes please. Bob Bob Ricard. 1-3 Upper St James St (corner of Beak St), Soho W1F 9DF Lauren Laverne new show on BBC Radio 6 Perhaps I?m biased as this lovely lady is a big fan of Anna Lou, but Lauren Laverne manages to be all those things we aspire to be ? quick witted, gorgeous and super smart.  Her new radio show on BBC Radio 6 is the perfect accompaniment to a weekday morning. We love anyone that loves Dolly Parton and Iggy Pop in equal measure.  Simply a delight. Going DOWN: Getting Rid of the Christmas podge That tin of Quality Street I devoured while watching The Queens speech seemed liked a good idea at the time. Now with that muffin top threatening to peek out of my skinny jeans a health kick beckons. Only problem is that this weather just makes me want to have lots of warm comfort-y food like Shepherd?s Pie and Bangers and Mash. And running around the park in the ice is out of the question - it?s a plaster cast waiting just to happen.  I?m with Homer Simpson on this one ? ?you don?t make friends with salad.?  The diet can wait until summer. Pass me the choccies. Weather Hysteria Ah the weather. When winter first arrived I got all excited, thinking I could dress up like Ali McGraw in Love Story. But once the snow and ice came it was a different story indeed. One chilly morning I even contemplated fashioning my duvet as a dress.  Now it?s been going on for ages, it?s simply boring. Can?t wait to feel sunshine on my skin again. Performance artists in Covent Garden Quickly becoming the number one phobia on my list ahead of swooping pigeons. Painting yourself in silver paint, standing on a plinth and moving really slowly IS NOT CLEVER. Facebook Fanatics If I haven?t seen you since school or the Office Party circa 1996 I probably won?t want to be Facebook friends. When did it become ok to friend request random strangers? Tights and Trainers Why oh why do people wear trainers with their suite for their commute to work? The daily commute is bad enough without seeing someone power walk out of Oxford Street station in this fashion faux paus combo. What?s wrong with buying a pair of shoes that you can wear all day long?   ?