Anna’s Guide to Buying Bespoke Jewellery

When it comes to fashion and jewellery, everyone loves to have something unique. Something no one else has and something which truly stands out, which is why bespoke jewellery can be so sought after. But with so many different options nowadays it can all be a bit overwhelming trying to find the right bespoke piece for you or the person you are buying for. With so many factors to get right, where do you begin?
Well who better to ask than a jewellery designer right? This week founder and designer of the Anna Lou of London Label, Anna herself, talks us through her top tips on buying bespoke.
1.       Go Classic – If you are going to invest in a piece of custom made jewellery, the chances are it’s because you want to buy something timeless, a piece of jewellery which means something and you will keep forever. Therefore my first tip would be to choose something classic. Go for a design, colour and style that you love now and will still love in ten years time. You might think that crazy nickname is hilarious now but will you still want to be wearing it around your neck in the future? 2.       Look at your current jewellery for inspiration – When you are trying to design your own custom piece of jewellery it can be easy to get tied up in knots with all of the questions and all of the possible answers. What chain length do you want? Would you prefer a rollo chain or a bead chain? Silver, gold or rose gold? The easiest way to navigate this is to look at your current jewellery collection and use your favourite pieces as inspiration. Take your favourite necklace and measure the length of its chain, the chances are if you wear that one all of the time choosing a similar length for your new piece will put you in good stead. If you are buying for a friend or loved one think about what type of jewellery they wear the most. Never seen them in anything other than rose gold? Maybe avoid the sterling silver this time. 3.       Choose something memorable – although I’d advise classic, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a piece of jewellery that’s memorable. The whole point of buying bespoke is to be able to create something unique to you so don’t play it safe, choose something that really strikes a chord for you and only you. If buying as a present think about the message you want to convey when giving the jewellery as a gift. Choose the words, dates or names that sum up your feelings for that person. 4.       Limit your options – Sometimes the fewer choices the better, trying to decide between a monogram and an engraving can be difficult if you haven’t yet narrowed down whether you are buying a necklace or a ring. First think about what you would get the most wear out of and narrow your choices down to one type of jewellery item, then think about whether you would prefer silver, gold or rose gold and so on. By taking one decision at a time, before you know it you will have designed your finished piece. 5.       Take your time – buying something bespoke isn’t a rush decision, it can often take weeks to perfect your message and you want to make sure the piece is just right. With my bespoke service at Anna Lou of London I offer my customers the option to email me with their thoughts and ideas and I will work with them on the process, ensuring they are happy with each step along the way and giving advice on the parts which can be most confusing.
So there you have it! Five top tips on buying your perfect bespoke piece of jewellery. If you would like Anna’s advice and help on creating and designing a bespoke item of your own then take a look on the website(insert link) or email her at