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Why wear one when you can wear three? The trend for layering necklaces is hotter than ever right now but getting the balance right can be tricky. Too few and it doesn't work, too many and your overloaded, too close together and you lose the effect, too far apart and there's no coherent theme. Here, founder and designer, Anna gives her top tips on the art of layering and suggests which type of necklaces are most appropriate for the trend... 1. Choose your Theme - the most important part is to first of all decide which type of layered look your are trying to portray. Do you want something grungy and punk inspired (lots of larger gunmetal chains, tough spikes and overlapping styles) or are you looking for more of an understated femininity (dainty chains and simple charms)? Once you have a theme, picking the necklaces to wear will be much easier. 2. Decide on the Amount of Layers - similar to the above tip, the amount of layers you are hoping to achieve is important. I would say the minimum you need to create a layered look is three and it helps if these are all of varying lengths, however if you do want a heavier look you can add many more! 3. Start Small - I always think it's best to start with your smallest chain length and work down. The ideal length for your first chain is about 14 inches and something personal such as a name necklace, initial necklace or small charm necklace works best for this first piece as it creates a personal touch and draws the eye. From here you can add a few more chains of about 16- 18 inches to begin the layered look. 4. Add One Statement - every layered look needs one statement piece as this will bring the look together and create a themed design rather than just a collection of necklaces thrown together. Your statement piece should ideally be in the middle of your arrangement and be the most colourful of all your necklaces. You can then coordinate your other pieces to complement the base and accent colours. For example if your statement piece has a gunmetal base with bright turquoise stones, keep the rest of your chains silver, gunmetal and black to complement this. Our luxe necklaces make ideal statement pieces as they sit just below the neckline. 5. Add the Longer Layers - the final step is to add longer length chains to the mix to create proportion. If your smallest necklace is around 14 inches then I would advise having your longer layers reach no more than about 30 inches as otherwise the distances between the two will be too wide and look mismatched. Depending on your theme (see tip 1) the longer layers are your chance to get creative and add some attitude to your look. Mix in different lengths, textures and styles to complete. For example if you have used mostly rose gold chains then long length pearls can be a great addition to the final layers, if you have kept the look all monochrome why not add the tiniest flek of bright pink within one of the final chains? Long lockets can work really well here as can social tag necklaces or chain styles. And voila! You should now have the perfect layered look to suit your style. Remember that at Anna Lou of London most of our necklaces come with a choice of chain lengths meaning creating a layered look from the offset has never been so easy. We would love to see how you layer your chains so why not tweet or instagram us a pic using the hashtag #annalouoflondon!  

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