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Halloween is around the corner once again, the one time of the year when you are encouraged to look as bad as you possibly can, scarily bad even. However the competition surrounding costumes is now fiercer than ever and a pair of cat ears will no longer cut it. Everyone, celebrities included, are keen to out do each other in coming up with the most creative of ghoulish get ups. In the spirit of one of our favourite Winter holidays we thought we would round up our favourite (and in our opinion the most creative) celebrity Halloween costumes of the last few years to give you a little inspiration ahead of the weekends celebrations. Some of them are so good you won't even recognise the celeb behind the outfit! Celebrity Halloween Costumes1. The Creative - Heidi Klum - Ah Heidi, queen of the Halloween celebrity celebrators, we can't wait to see what she comes up with this year as she always pulls it out of the bag. Three of our favourites were her scary skeletal bodice, Hindu goddess Kali and when she and husband Seal dressed up as the planet of the apes. Genius! best celebrity halloween costumes2. The Sexy - Kim K - doesn't Kim K look great with that fiery red hair? If there is one celeb that knows how to make Halloween sexy its our Kardashian sister, we loved her poison ivy, mermaid and catwoman get ups. best celebrity halloween costumes3. The Cute - Jessica Alba and family and Sandra Bullock and son - we do love a whole family costume theme, if you have young kids coming up with a group costume trend can be a great idea and what could be cooler than your mum dressed as Toy Story's Jessie? best celebrity halloween costumes4. The unrecognisable - Debra Messing, Brooke Shields and Pink - their costumes are so good, they barely look like themselves anymore. If you are looking for true spooky inspiration look no further than Debra Messing's creative make up and ultra backcombed hair, Brooke Shields Adamms family get up and Pink unrecognisable as a clown. What are you dressing up as this Halloween? why not tweet us a photo to @annalouoflondon and don't forget you can complete your outfit with our range of spooky accessories.