Whether you believe in the mystique of the zodiac signs or not, astrological jewellery is on our radar here at Anna Lou of London. These astrological jewellery pieces are the perfect way to add to the super trendy layered look. From the passionate Pisces to the adventurous Aries, you can rock this astrological trend all the while individualizing your look with your own zodiac sign. This trend lets your jewellery say a lot about you. You already know that all of us at ALOL are fawning over this charming trend, but so are designers like Dior and Valentino. The astrological jewellery pieces are no superstition.

Inspired by the Valentino Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, we have put together some of our best astrological jewellery pieces.  Shown below are our Astrological Bracelet, Necklace, and Charm. Keeping it classic, each piece comes in gold, rose gold, or silver, allowing you to pick whichever color is in the stars for you.



This is our Astrological Bracelet (3952), which is a perfect way to update your arm candy for the summer.

4255   Above is our Astrological Charm (4255). You can add it on to one of your charm necklaces or bracelets, or let it stand alone.


  This piece is our Astrological Necklace (3949). You can layer it up or stay simple.   By Dominique Klynott