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Creepy crawlies around your neck, eight legged monsters hanging from your ears and winged beasties adorning your wrists... No don't worry you haven't gone back in time and landed on a Halloween post, although you could be forgiven for thinking so. No we are in fact talking about insect inspired jewellery! Despite their less than favourable appearances and ability to make even grown men scream, it seems insects and creepy crawlies are crawling onto the jewellery scene in a big way for 2014 and everyone's got the bug for the trend. (sorry couldn't resist!) Ok so you've probably dabbled in the insect thing before, maybe a bee around your neck or a dragonfly on your ring. But this time we are not talking about those cute and colourful, buzzing around in the sunshine and landing on daisies, kind of insects. For the newest amalgamation of the trend, the bigger and uglier the beast the better. Get the Look - Bug JewelleryFirst spotted on the Lanvin SS14 catwalk, where gold and bejewelled beetles, mosquitos and wasps adorned every model's wrists, neck and hair, these creatures have been swarming their way into the fashion world ever since. Insects have always been a source of inspiration for jewellery designers but never before has the trend been so literal in fashion. There are plenty of options if you want to try the trend from designer to high street (check out ASOS for insect laden statement necklaces) and you can even start slow with our fun spider pendants. So can't imagine having an insect on your wrist? Well how about in your hair or around your neck? Now may be the time to embrace the creepy crawlie, just like Blake Lively! Let us know what you think of the trend by tweeting us @annalouoflondon or leaving us a comment on our Facebook page!

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