Everyone's Wearing... Rose Gold Jewellery

As the Winter draws in, the jewellery trends tend to change for the colder months and we always find that as the weather gets colder the jewellery gets warmer. Rose gold jewellery in particular tends to be the easiest metal shade to rock come Winter. Perhaps it's because it compliments all skin tones, warms up even the coldest, palest of faces and brightens an outfit. Perhaps it's because wearing it gives a rosy glow that silver and gold don't achieve, or perhaps we all just need to look at the world through rose tinted glasses to get us through a long British Winter. Whatever the reason, rose gold jewellery can be a great investment as part of your AW wardrobe. With that in mind we are sharing our favourite rosy pieces from our collection, along with tips on how to wear them... how to wear rose gold jewellery1. The Rose Gold Locket Why buy? Because there is nothing more timeless than a locket! Engrave it with a name or date, fill with your favourite picture and you will treasure forever. How to Wear? A locket really can be worn with anything but we recommend using it as the base necklace for a rose gold layered look - see our post on how to layer for tips! To see the Rose Gold Locket click here. 2. The Rose Gold Stacking Rings Why Buy? Because stacking rings are still having a moment and let's face it we can see why. Why wear only one when you can show off three? These particular ones have a wonderfully classic feel to them that will ensure you can mix and match them with any other rose gold styles. How to Wear? Pile these on with other favourites and create a truly eclectic ring candy look! Check out the Rose Gold Stacking Rings here. 3.  The Rose Gold Engraved Heart Bracelet Why Buy? Because wearing your heart on your sleeve has never looked better than this. How to Wear? Engrave with a name, date or saying and team with a breton tee and a statement red lip for a true Parisian chic look. Shop the Rose Gold Engraved Heart Bracelet here. 4. The Rose Gold Teardrop Studs Why Buy? Because they combine rose gold, crystals and an elegant shape - these will be your ultimate party season earring! How to Wear? These call for a touch of glamour and with their 1920's feel we are thinking sequin flapper dress, statement heel and fur coat. Shop the Rose Gold Teardrop Studs here. What do you think of our rose gold choices? Do you wear warmer jewellery colours in the Winter?
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