How to Tie A Scarf As a Necklace

As a self confessed jewellery obsessive I'm always on the look out for new inventive ways to introduce jewellery into my wardrobe and currently my silk scarf collection is providing the perfect foundation to create a statement necklace. Whether you have a penchant for vintage scarves like I do (I'm forever raiding the scarf boxes at Absolute Vintage in Hanbury Street) or you like your scarves all shiny and new; check out the Anna Lou collection here.  Twist them and knot them to transform them into an eye catching necklace. Here's How. Knot necklaceThe Knots Landing Necklace. 1. First fold your scarf diagonally to create a triangle. Then fold the triangle lengthwise until you have created a long rectangular strip (I normally aim for an width of 5cm) 2. Leaving a 4cm gap tie loose knot in the scarf. 3. Keep on knotting to your preferred style. For long scarves I prefer 5 knots and for shorter ones like my 'Elle scarf in the first picture I just go for two. To fasten just tie your two ends together.   The Twist me Turn me collar necklace.TWIST NECKLACE 1. Start with your scarf draped loosely around you and then wrap it around yourself once to form a ring. 2. Take one of the loose ends of your scarf and twist it tightly around the base of the ring. Then repeat with the other side. 3. This a close up of how your twists should look.  Once you have finished twisting both sides, tie your loose ends in a bow and you’re done. 4. My finished statement collar scarf necklace. There you have it two ways to turn your silk scarves into a necklace. Enjoy. N x   Share pics of your scarf-necklaces with us on twitter and Instagram using the #annalouoflondon This guest post was written by Nina Elegba of Magpie on the Run.