Guest Post: Sugar & Spice Explains The Art Of Layering Jewellery

Layer necklaces of different lengthsTime for another guest post? We thought so too. Last week you heard Anna's tips to layering your necklaces but now we have also asked Emily Knightly, blogger at Sugar & Spice to tell us how she wears her jewels. Take it away Emily... At a time when statement necklaces have never been bigger, both in size and popularity, there is never a better time to learn the art of layering jewellery. They say, less is more. But is it? Sometimes I'm happy to throw on a simple delicate necklace and be done. I have a special necklace, bought for me by my fiancé a few years ago, that I wear everyday. But other times, a pile of layered pendants and necklaces is just what the occasion calls for. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's with her pearls piled on: the very epitome of glamour and quirky elegance. I've put together my top tips for layering your necklaces - by no means exhaustive but certainly a good starting point for anyone wanting to try the trend:
  • Begin with a delicate necklace with as short a chain as possible. Something with a small stone or charm, or maybe one of Anna Lou of London's name necklaces, would work;
  • Next, take a slightly longer necklace with a chunkier chain. Maybe a statement-look necklace with a large gem or a series of sparkly stones? Try out one of the necklaces from Anna's new Luxe collection here.
  • Add one or two longer pendants. I like to use ones with delicate chains here, and maybe a locket or trinket attached;
  • Finally, add a string of beads or pearls. Make sure to have the longest string possible, so that you can wrap them around two or three times, adding more layers in one move.

Layer chunky and delicate bracelets together

If piles of necklaces aren’t really your thing, why not throw an arm party together (made famous by uber fashion blogger, The Man Repeller):
  • As with your necklaces, make sure to mix up textures and sizes with your arm party.
  • Throw on thin chains, alongside over-sized Perspex bangles and homemade friendship bracelets.
  • Try out Anna’s initial pearl bracelets – pile them high to spell out your name or that of your loved one.
How do you layer your jewels? This post was written by Emily Knightly, blogger at Sugar and Spice.
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