How to Accessorise like a French Girl

There's just something about the French girls and their uber chic style that we love here at ALOL. Somehow, these girls seem to have perfected a look that is put together yet laid-back all at the same time. The secret to the French girl look is to keep it simple and sophisticated. A great way to channel your inner Parisian fashionista is to choose one feature piece and keep the rest simple.   la-modella-mafia-Emmanuelle-Alt-Vogue-Paris-model-off-duty-street-style-2   The French have taught us that good basic pieces can go a long way. A simply chic outfit like this can be styled with either subtle jewellery to keep the effortless look or a bit of low-key a statement can be made with a necklace that has a bit of colour.   1199-1   What's more French than the Eiffel Tower (1199)? Style your French-chic outfit with our Eiffel Tower necklace to add a slight pop of colour to an outfit of basics and you'll definitely step out in French style.   jetaime_silv 3912   Be bilingual, and layer our Jetaime Name Necklace (3494) with our Love necklace (3912). Layering soft necklaces like these are the perfect way to accessorise a French inspired look. To read more about the layered look click here.   3585 4058 3693     Keep it cool with the super trendy stackable ring look. Emulate the city of love with our Je T'aime ring (4058) and pair it with our PS. I Love You ring (3585). Throw on our Stackable Band Rings (3693) either on the same hand or the opposite, and you'll be ready rome the streets of Paris.   By: Dominique Klynott