ALOL Guide to Birthday Gifts

We all go through the stress of trying to pick out the perfect birthday gifts for our friends and loved ones, but the girls of ALOL are here to help! I've gone around the office today asking everyone which piece of jewellery they would pick out for their friends. Luckily, here at Anna Lou of London we have a wide variety of items to choose from, so everyone was able to find just the right birthday gift to perfectly fit their friends' taste. 3296_1 Suzanne has picked the rose gold letter D for her friend Danielle because she has a super cute charm bracelet that would be a perfect match for this Alphabet Letter Charm (3296).   3618_2   Sophie picked the knotted bangles in gold (3735), rose gold (3618), and silver (3736) for her sister, Emily, because they are a simple and elegant piece that you can dress up or wear every day. 4170 Ellis picked out a Hamsa hand necklace in gold for her friend Holly because she likes delicate pieces and she is quite spiritual. 3792_3 Lavena picked our sideways cross necklace in gold for her friend, Silvia, to replace one that was broken. She liked this one better because the sideways cross was different from the one she had before. To add an extra thought, Lavena had it engraved with Silvia's birthday.   We love personalised jewellery, it adds that special touch to show your friend or loved one you care. If it's not a personalised gift you're looking for, Anna Lou of London also has some great acrylic pieces that are fun and always on trend! So no need to worry and stress, and happy shopping!   By: Dominique Klynott