We’re giving you a sneak peek into ALOL behind the scenes to show you how the creative the girls got this week We all love a one of a kind piece that is completely exclusive and unique. Whether that’s a personalised bespoke piece of jewellery or a bold statement necklace, you want something you can call your own. An item that you can show off to your friends and family. Would you like to be involved in the creative process, designing your own piece of jewellery? Well now you can! You too can design your very own piece of bespoke jewellery online thats's completely unique for you. Simply go onto our website and start  creating, it's that easy! Here are the girls from ALOL hard at work, designing their own unique creations: IMG_1711IMG_1726 Ellis has been busy creating this Stand out jade and gold statement necklace IMG_1731IMG_1741 Suzanne has been very creative! She's made this lovely gold bracelet with some eye catching red acrylic charms attached IMG_1748IMG_1752 Lavena has created this luxurious and eye catching yellow statement Necklace Inspired by the ALOL girls? Click Here to be redirected to our website, where you can start your very own design process now. You can choose from the simplest detail, choosing your own chain, charms and personal engraving. We'd love to hear from you! Let us know what you think about our 'Design Your Own' creations.   By Sophie Wilson